Nepal, On the Grapevine

Nepal in devastation for a 2nd time in a fortnight

Chris Wilmot-Sitwell

This morning we awoke to the terrible news that Nepal had been hit once again with a second fatal earthquake at a magnitude of 7.4. This horrific news comes only a fortnight after the catastrophic 7.8 quake which killed over 8,000 people on 25th April 2015. Our thoughts at cazenove+loyd continue to go out to those devastated families who have lost loved ones and are still very much in danger with continued threats of landslides and further aftershocks. The local communities close to the epicentre around the rural area of Everest will be most affected and although the FCO have said the level of damage is not yet apparent, there is an increased risk of avalanches in the surrounding mountains.

Second Earthquake in Nepal

The first earthquake was unusual for Nepal which makes news of this second one even more distressing. As before, we will continue to assess the situation and pray for a fast recovery, of which we are very hopeful. For those of you who wish to make a contribution to the aid efforts, we can highly recommend you visit the Gurkha Welfare Trust where donations are most welcome.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust will be supporting the country long after other aid agencies have left. They have an infrastructure that works in the Gorkha/Lamjung area and all admin costs are paid by the British Government. This means that any money collected will go directly to where it is needed most.