Africa + Indian Ocean


Africa + Indian Ocean

If you’re an Africa first-timer, nothing can prepare you for the emotional impact of standing in this ancient landscape, face-to-face with its extraordinary wildlife.

And even if you have already visited parts of this amazing continent, every return journey delivers a new sense of wonder.

We have one client who has visited Africa over 20 times with us but still we can deliver something exciting and new. We just need to understand you and what you are looking for.

The region has developed out of all recognition over the three decades that we have worked there, and the proliferation of lodges, camps and hotels means that there’s more need than ever for help and guidance in designing a trip that’s exactly right for you.

Only someone who has personal experience of all the options can deliver a properly balanced tailor-made itinerary…and, even more importantly, the best private guides because the choice of guide can make or break a luxury safari.

“Your choice of camps was exactly right in terms of contrasts and game viewing variety ”

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best Time to visit: Jul-oct

Uganda is an adventurous destination especially for those looking for something different. The incredible, lush and unspoilt habitat has not changed one iota and it is still to many the most beautiful landscape in East Africa. The quality of the lodges and guiding is unrecognisable - still not on a par with the luxury of South Africa or Botswana but very comfortable and well-managed. The big draw to Uganda are the primates and the more advanced warning the better, as Mountain Gorilla permits are strictly limited.

Tailor-made 10 day holidays from £4000 per person excluding flights

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best Time to Visit: feb-jun

Exotic, hot and yet only a short flight from Europe, Morocco offers something for everyone. Whether it is exploring the souks with a personal shopper in the medieval medinas of Marrakech and Fez, hiking in the dramatic snow-capped peaks High Atlas Mountains, having tea with a welcoming Berber family, camping out in the rolling sands of the Sahara amongst the desert nomads, or relaxing in one of the luxurious retreats that dot the countryside. There is a wealth of activities for families as well as couples wanting an exotic break, without the long-haul flight.

Tailor-made 5 day holidays from £450 per person excluding flights

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best TIME TO visit: May-oct

This is where c+l started and it still does not disappoint. Careful wildlife and habitat management has meant that a strict limit has been put on the number of lodges permitted. Yes, this does make a safari expensive but it has meant that the wildlife experience is second to none. Mokoros in the Okavango Delta, quad bikes in the desert and 'traditional' 4x4 game-viewing - the options are endless. As a honeymoon or anniversary destination Botswana provides real luxury with special private dinners in romantic spots as an option. For families there is the ability to do a traditional and very interactive safari.

Tailor-made 10 day holidays from £4200 per person excluding flights

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best TIME TO visit: Feb-dec

The Seychelles a decade ago did not offer value for money. Now, the best hotels really are world class. Flights to South Africa and to Kenya mean that, for those with the budget, the Seychelles offers the best beach add-on to a safari holiday. Added to that, the rich marine life means that for divers and snorkellers, the safari holiday continues. For those who want more from their beach holiday, the ability to combine two or three very different islands is very easy. The Seychelles is very unique with its small island culture and pace of life very appealing.

Tailor-made 10 day holidays from £3000 per person excluding flights

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Luxury Holiday Mozambique


Best TIME TO visit: Apr-DEc

Mozambique is an ethnically diverse country which lies on the South-Eastern coastline of Africa. Primeval mangrove swamps alternate with unspoilt powder-white beaches - and low-impact development is being carefully and successfully integrated with a unique marine habitat. Mozambique offers excellent diving around the Bazaruto Archipelago and the fishing in the waters of the offshore islands is superb. The hotels and lodges have considerably improved in recent years and there are now a handful of fabulous, Crusoe-chic hideaways.

Tailor-made 10 day holidays from £4200 per person excluding flights

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Best TIME TO Visit: sep-Feb

Ethiopia has emerged as the place to go in Africa - a land of contrasts and home to some of the oldest civilisations in the world.
The country has something for everyone whether it is hiking through the Simien Mountains in search of its endemic mammals, delving deep into its more recent history and its Emperor's penchant for castles in Gondar, visiting the rock hewn churches of Lalibela (sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world) or gaining an insight into the lives of the beautiful Omo people. Ethiopia is more suited to the adventurous traveller.

Tailor-made 10 day holidays from £3000 per person excluding flights

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South africa

Best time to visit: sep-may

Fabulous coastline, coastal forest, majestic mountains, game-rich bushveld and harsh semi-desert. Alongside this amazing natural splendour, South Africa is packed full of great cultural richness, cosmopolitan cities, world-class food and wine - as well as some of the most stylish lodges anywhere. The number of malaria-free parks is growing rapidly, enabling families with younger children to sample a safari. For adventurers, the Karoo is a little travelled, but beautiful region, as is the Kalahari desert. We have cherry-picked our favourite properties for their unique locations, spirit and value.

Tailor-made 10 day holiday £1900 per person excluding flights

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Best time to visit: may-nov

A fantastic country, with exceptionally kind and welcoming people and dominated by its beautiful, eponymous lake. Malawi is a treat for travellers in search of the less-discovered. With the Great Rift Valley running through the country, there is a fantastic diversity of terrain, from Central Africa's highest peak, Sapitwe, to the highland plateau and stunning Lake Malawi. The third largest lake in Africa, its translucent, pale green waters are thought to host the largest number of endemic fish of any freshwater lake in the world, while its shores of amber-coloured sand offer all that you'd expect of a beach holiday.

Tailor-made 10 day holiday from £4200 per person excluding flights

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visit: Jul-oct + Dec-Mar

The migratory herds and 'big sky' of the Masai Mara, the tropical rainforest, the North Frontier's rugged mountain terrain, and the sugar-white beaches reaching to the Indian Ocean. Almost a microcosm of Africa, with its incredible array of landscapes and abundant wildlife, Kenya's richness and diversity will satisfy even the hungriest traveller - regardless of whether you're an Africa 'first-timer' or already know the continent. Our carefully sought out guides and owner-run camps set in spectacular areas of the country offer an authentic, highly comfortable and, above all a memorable safari experience.

Tailor-made 10 day holiday from £3700 per person excluding flights

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Best time to visit: May-Oct

Madagascar encapsulates a range of different experiences all in one destination. In the East you can hope to see the endangererd Indri, the largest member of the Lemur Family or spot Humpback whales from Ile Sainte Marie Island. In the South you can learn about the Malagasy culture and view some of the most stunning landscapes from the sandstone rock formations to the Gallery and Spiny forests which are home to a vast number of ring tailed lemurs and Sifikas. And in the North West, sit back and relax on some of the most unspoiled beaches we have come across and stay in one of Madagascar's more luxurious lodges.

Tailor-made 10 day holiday from £4200 per person excluding flights

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best time to visit: all year

There are times, in Namibia, when the landscape literally takes your breath away: along the mystical and haunting Skeleton Coast; overlooking the vast and wild Fish River Canyon; amongst the sand dunes of Sossusvlei. One of the best ways to see this spectacular country is from the air - whether on a bespoke flying safari, or simply a scenic flight from one desert camp to another. But Namibia is more than just scenery: the Himba tribes provide an insight into some of the world's last nomadic peoples; and the Damaraland gives a glimpse of some of the strangest wildlife adaptations on Earth.

Tailor-made 10 holidays from £4200 per person excluding flights

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visit: Dec-Mar + Jul-Oct

Rwanda is truly beautiful, with its jungle-smothered volcanoes, its hills and valleys covered in a dense patchwork of banana, maize, sorghum and tea plantations, and its gorgeous lakes and rivers. As well as being home to the largest and most easily accessible mountain gorilla population in the Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda is teeming with bird-life in the magnificent rainforests of Nyungwe. Now well into the healing process of the genocide of 1994, Rwanda's people have created a remarkable museum as a "never-again" reminder; to visit is a deeply moving experience.

Tailor-made 4 day holidays from £2500 per person excluding flights

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Best time to visit: May-Oct

A beautiful and fascinating country, with the magnificent Victoria Falls, large wildlife reserves, great tracts of untamed wilderness and the evocative ruins of Great Zimbabwe. Having had little demand for Zimbabwe over the last ten years, we are noticing a renewed interest. This magnificent country, once our most visited African destination is opening up again and many of the guides and owners who sought work elsewhere in the world have returned. It is wonderful that so many of them are now back whether it be walking in Mana Pools or sitting with guests in a hide in Hwange National Park.

Tailor-made 10 day holidays from £3700 per person excluding flights

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Best time to visit: apr-nov

If you are looking for a lush, tropical island with incredible resort style hotels, Mauritius is for you. The pale-blonde sand, protected by coral reefs and set against a Bali-Hai-style backdrop of lush volcanic peaks, makes it a great beach destination in its own right. But it also serves as the perfect post-safari-pamper add on. The Mauritian hotels have mastered the art of first class service but there is a caveat: this is a place where your choice of hotel can make or break the trip. It is vital to match your tastes - or your reason for travelling to the right resort.

Tailor-made 10 day holidays from £2500 per person excluding flights

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Best time to visit: Jun-Oct

Little, if anything can compare to the intense thrill of seeing leopard at close quarters on a walking safari in the game-rich South Luangwa Valley with one of the greatest guides on the planet. And there's still more: three great rivers and an amazingly rich spectrum of wildlife make this relatively under-developed country one of our favourite parts of Africa. Here, you still feel as if you are exploring something almost undiscovered. As well as the incredible, thundering cascades of Victoria Falls, there are little known corners that we can help you discover.

Tailor-made 10 day holidays from £3700 per person excluding flights

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best time to visit: Jul-Dec

Tanzania, a unique holiday destination with a wonderful diversity of unspoilt fauna and flora, is probably best known for its staging of the annual wildebeest migration. Geographically, the country boasts the highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. Northern Tanzania offers vast tracts of spectacular wildlife sanctuaries as well as numerous wilderness areas. By contrast Southern Tanzania offers access to Africa's largest game reserve. Off the coast lies the spice island of Zanzibar - a tropical paradise with superb opportunities for water sports and soaking up the sun.

Tailor-made 10 day holidays from £4000 per person excluding flights

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