ExperiEnce Rhythm, Culture, Beaches + Colonial Architecture on a Luxury Brazil Holiday.

Pulsating with energy, optimism and a sense of fun, Brazil’s exoticism is powerfully seductive. Its huge size gives it the variety of a continent, rather than a country: from the stunning colonial architecture of Minas Gerais and Bahia to the cities that ring with music and dance, such as Rio and Salvador. The wide-open beaches of the north-east contrast with the peaceful bays and fishing villages near Rio; and the wonders of the Amazon Basin contrast with the remote beauty of the Pantanal.

There are world class hotels in Rio and Sao Paulo and drop-dead stylish private beach houses in Angra, Paraty and Bahia; simple pousadas in the interior and authentic, working fazendas in the Chapada Diamantina.

We tend to work with the smaller and most character-filled properties that best reflect the mood and style of their surroundings. In the Amazon we avoid the larger, commercial holiday lodges in favour of smaller camps, in order to gain access to primary forest – and for small groups, we can charter private river boats.

Brazil’s size and variety make it difficult to get right without insider knowledge and our destination experts will guide you as to how much is manageable and exactly what to expect from the extraordinary variety of alternatives. But ‘wow’ is it fantastic when we get the balance perfect…



As every one of the holidays we create is truly tailor-made, all of our clients come back with different and interesting stories. We love to hear from our clients on their return to find out about their most memorable moments. Our Destination Experts are also always travelling to our extraordinary destinations and every trip allows us to refine and add value to our clients' future experiences.

Luxury honeymoon, Brazil

A Luxury Brazilian Honeymoon

A volcanic island with 26 empty beaches, underwater visibility of 30 metres, horse riding, delicious food and a beach buggy at our disposal. The perfect post wedding getaway.

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Luxury holiday to Brazil

Sunset Riding at Fazenda Catuçaba

It was the most glorious evening when I arrived at Fazenda Catuçaba, having been driven through idyllic green hills and quaint farms from the coast. This historic farm is nestled in a beautiful valley and with the blue window and door frames matching the clear blue sky, it made for a great first impression. Marciel, the manager, greeted me…

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The Pantanal and Iguazu Falls

The Pantanal and Iguassu Falls

Clients, Caroline and Paul Bladergroen, share incredible memories from their recent trip to The Pantanal and Iguassu Falls.

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Bahia experience on a Brazilian Journey

Brazil is a country of contrasts, and there is so much to explore and see. Our clients went from the mesmerising Iguassu Falls, through to Salvador da Bahia where they experienced a local street party on Independence Day.

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Luxury trip to Brazil

Tales from a Very Special Guide

Over the years c+l have collated a black book of special guides, who we like to call 'our friends in town'. Due to a change of plan, our client met with Fabio, a Carioca (resident of Rio) our guide who we have worked with for many years.

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A very exciting brief for a photographer

Photographer Frederic Marigaux travelled to Brazil to experience Rio's dazzling carnival scene from behind the lens, capturing its electric atmosphere on camera. He also travelled to Angra Dos Reis to take some action-adventure shots.

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Places to Stay

At cazenove+loyd, we have no vested interest in the hotels, lodges, boats, trains and tented camps which we select. We only choose what is right for a particular client. We visit each destination in our three regions on a regular basis and have detailed conversations with our clients on their return so our choices are continually refined. Here are just four c+l reviews. This is by no means a prescriptive list, but hints at what we look for and value in places to stay.

luxury retreat in Brazil


Adjacent to one of Brazil’s most beautiful national parks, the Reserva is a 3000 hectare private estate. At its heart is one of the most beautifully restored fazendas in the whole of Brazil. To stay here is to take a step back in time but with all of the modern comforts of a world class hotel.

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Perfectly located in the heart of Sao Paulo’s most fashionable district, exceptional personal service and an atmosphere of grandeur and luxury are all the reasons why for us, the Fasano is one of the best places to stay in the city. Sao Paulo, South America's largest city is wonderfully vibrant with fantastic restaurants, bars, galleries and great shops to fill your days and nights. Located in the charming Jardins neighbourhood you are just steps away from the lovely boutique shops, bars and best restaurants in Sao Paulo.

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Txai, Bahia

If you can imagine an endless white sandy beach, surrounded by 100 hectares of coconut groves and rare Atlantic rainforest, then you can imagine the picturesque spot that Txai is in. We honestly can’t think of many more idyllic resorts in South America than here. The owners chose to emphasise nature, tranquility and beauty which they have achieved to an astonishing degree. They have added a little luxury and artistic flair with three palatial cobalt-blue tiled pools with bedrooms in individual thatched bungalows.

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Casa Turquesa


Until Casa Turquesa came along there wasn’t a luxury hotel option in Paraty, only private houses, which although wonderful did restrict the area somewhat. Brazil’s boutique hotel scene has grown in recent years and Paraty is no exception. Set inbetween Rio and Sao Paulo with golden beaches, uninhabited islands and forested mountains close by, this beautiful colonial town is now home to Casa Turquesa. Only nine rooms encircling an old courtyard with a plunge pool, the property is fantastically charming and luxurious with an artistic vibe.

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For over 20 years we have been creating the best luxury tailor-made holidays, we know our countries inside and out and really know how to get under the skin of each one and the best way to experience them.



This was home of the slave trade with West Africa and the birth place of much African influenced music and culture in Brazil. It is colourful and vibrant, has some of the best food in Brazil (particularly fresh fish and rich curries) and is surrounded by beautiful old colonial towns.

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It is the glamour centre of Brazil, home to icons such as the carnival, Sugar Loaf mountain and with its great beaches and hotels it retains the glamour of the 50’s and 60’s. And up in the hills behind there is the contrast of the more Bohemian districts such as Lapa and Santa Teresa.

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This area offers some of the best ways to explore on horseback or by punt, with abundant wildlife and local guides who have lived and breathed this region all their lives. Plus you can stay in small family run estancias, only accessible by small charter plane.

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The largest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo has a vibrant and energetic culture. Only a 45 minute flight away from Rio, it has an abundance of things to see and do and is the true heart of Brazil. It has some of the country's most amazing restaurants, galleries and boutiques.

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A Favela workshop in Rio is a unique excursion for those who wish to get to know the shanty towns in Rio de Janeiro through Brazilian art and culture. Stroll through the shanty town with the favela’s resident artist and see his 26 miniature houses painted with colourful graffiti.

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This is remote, pristine wilderness in the raw, where the white, black and blue rivers come together. Privately hire a traditional paddle steamer, with a skipper, chef and crew and enjoy a beach to yourself to bathe from by day and set up a barbecue at night with the boat moored nearby.

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The largest literary festival in Brazil, which hosts everyone from specialist Brazillian writers, to international authors. Set amongst streets of beautiful small white washed colonial houses with the backdrop of Atlantic Rainforest-covered hills stretching off into the haze.

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Exploring the hidden beaches of Bahia

This is remote barefoot luxury at its best. You can walk three hours on white sugar sand and not see a soul, or party all night, with live music, heady caipirinhas, fresh fish on the barbecue and fires on the beach. As well as this it has awesome surf and forests that tumble onto the sand.

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We know Brazil better than most. The possibilities are endless and ever-changing. On the map below, we have plotted some of our current favourite places to stay, some c+l highlights and a few pertinent client stories. And you can see if there is a team member travelling in that particular country and link through to them and what they are up to, so you can get them to call you on their return.

Best time to visit

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Best time to go

There is somewhere perfect to visit in Brazil at any time of year. But it is a vast and complicated country to navigate. The summer months in Brazil, December through March, are the busiest months for travel partly due to Carnival but they bring quite a bit of rain in the south of Brazil, around Rio and the Emerald Coast. So it’s best to head up to the North East for optimum beach weather. The Pantanal in the South is recommended during the Brazilian ‘winter’/dry season which runs from April to October.

This is when Rio and the nearby coastal areas of Paraty and Buzios are quiet and dry. This combination makes for a great northern hemisphere summer trip. The Amazon is also at its best in August with the least amount of humidity and rain. The beaches up in the far north of Brazil, around Jericoacoara can be visited all year round, with consistent temperatures and little rainfall. Brazil tends to be planned as a destination in itself such is its size and variety. However it can combine well with Peru, Argentina, Uruguay or Chile.

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