Educational Family Holiday to Italy

romans+greeks of naples & Pompeii

a guided family adventure

APRIL 2015
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An Inspired Journey

A Fun and Interesting Family Holiday With Maria-Luisa Gagliardi

People have come to the Bay of Naples from far and wide for thousands of years to build cities, farm the volcanic soil or simply rest in the incredible beauty of the place. The region is bursting with crumbling temples, Roman ruins and ancient secrets, which our leading Classicist and guide, will uncover for this small group of adults and children. We have designed this experience for families who have an interest in Classical Civilization and would like a holiday where this passion is all part of the fun and excitement.

"It is imporant to know when it’s time to leave children to run around and play games and how to keep them gripped when recounting tales of love and war in ancient Greece and Rome."

The adventure will explore from the 8th century BC when the Greeks headed West and founded their first Italian colony at Cumae to the 1st century AD when Vesuvius destroyed the port towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii at the height of their prosperity. It won’t take long before this hidden world comes alive in a way that it never could from the confines of a classroom.

Moving along the pretty Amalfi coastline there will be a visit to Capri where you will learn about the gory history of Tiberius and show the very wall from which he would throw the unlucky subjects who displeased him. We have purposely chosen small and unfussy family-friendly hotels where there is space for children to run around and burn off energy and the staff are well rehearsed in creating delicious meals to be enjoyed by all ages.

Each day has been created to be fun and engaging as well as informative. Getting this balance right is essential when travelling with children and we know when it’s time to leave the kids to run around and play games and how to keep them gripped when recounting tales of love and war in ancient Greece and Rome.


-  Pasta and pizza as they were meant to be served

-  Exploring the haunting ruins of Pompeii

-  A boat ride and visit to Capri

-  A stay on a mozzarella farm

7th April

Arrival into Naples

You will be met at the airport early this afternoon. From here you will be privately driven north-west of Naples in Miseno, the headland above the port where the Roman imperial fleet was based and from where Pliny the Younger watched the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. You will have the afternoon free to rest, relax and watch the sun set over the ocean. This evening you will dine at one of our favourite family-run restaurants for your first taste this week of delicious Italian cooking.

Arrival into Naples

8th April

The entrance of Hades

After breakfast, your guide will take you to visit the hilltop site of Cumae, the legendary home of the Sibyl and the earliest Greek colony in Italy. From here you will drive to the shores of Lake Avernus, one of the entrances to the Underworld. The lake is formed within a volcanic crater and, over lunch in a restaurant on the edge of the water, you will hear about the weird and wonderful world of Hades.

This afternoon you will explore the steaming volcanic crater of Solfatara. There will be time for a rest back at the hotel later this afternoon before dinner at another friendly local restaurant serving bowls oozing with pasta and pizza dripping off the plates.

The entrance of Hades

9th April

Discovering Naples

This morning will focus on the extraordinary city of Naples in order to explore its historic centre, visiting the Archaeological Museum and the underground aqueducts. After lunch you will be driven around the bay of Naples to visit the buried city of Herculaneum and Oplontis, the opulent palace of Nero’s wife, Poppaea. All along the way your guide will recount tales of Ancient Rome in a lively way which will fire the imagination of the group.

This evening you will dine and stay in a country house nestled into the hills above Sorrento with beautiful views over the bay.

Discovering Naples

10th April

Exploring Pompeii

After breakfast you will be taken to the UNESCO site of Pompeii, which is in need of a full day of exploring in order to understand fully its history. You and your family will be guided through the expertly renovated streets and explain how daily life was carried out before the town was buried under the volcanic lava and ash of Mount Vesuvius. There will be time later in the afternoon for some shopping and exploring in Sorrento before meeting again for pizza and pasta in town.

Exploring Pompeii

11th April

The ancient palace of Capri

Today you will take a ferry to the beautiful island of Capri. Behind the chic shops and expensive restaurants is a fascinating history and a guided walk of the island will go from the centre of town to the opulent palace of Tiberius. The Palace is perched high above the sea and from which he used to throw people who displeased him into the sea. Lunch will be in a local restaurant and there will be time to wander the streets and do some shopping at your own pace before returning to Sorrento for another delicious family-cooked meal at your hotel.

The ancient palace of Capri

12th April

A visit to Amalfi

You will continue your exploration of the Amalfi coast today as you move along the ocean to Paestum. On the way you will stop for lunch in Amalfi for some time to look around this pretty town and see the spectacular cathedral. You will arrive in Paestum in the late afternoon in time for games in the garden and a home-cooked Italian dinner at Tenuta Seliano, a beautiful family home in the plains of Paestum.

A visit to Amalfi

13th April

Mozzarella and the Temples of Paestum

This morning the owners of Tenuta Seliano will personally show you around their buffalo farm and mozzarella factory. In the afternoon you will visit the 5th and 6th century BC Greek temples at Paestum and the haunting tomb-paintings in the local museum. There will be time again later this afternoon to enjoy grounds of your guest house and a fantastic farewell meal at the lodge this evening.

Mozzarella and the Temples of Paestum

14th April

Departure from Naples

There will be time for a leisurely breakfast this morning and a play in the garden before your driver takes you back to Naples in good time to connect with your onward flight home.

Departure from Naples

7th April – 9th April

Hotel Cala Moresca, Miseno

This is a medium-sized hotel overlooking the extraordinary seismic coastline of the Phlegrean Fields. There is a large swimming pool and plenty of space for children to run around while you take in the pretty views. Though slightly larger than other properties on this trip, it is an excellent base from which to explore this fascinating area and only twenty minutes’ drive from Naples.

Hotel Cala Moresca, Miseno

9th April – 12th April

Hotel Villa Pane

This is a small hotel in the hills above Sorrento run by a typically friendly Italian mother and son team. The food is excellent and the views over the Bay of Naples are equally memorable. Because the property is family-run, it has a very special homely atmosphere to ensure you are able to completely relax and enjoy yourselves.

Hotel Villa Pane

12th April – 14th April

Tenuta Seliano

This is a beautiful house on the fertile plain near Paestum. There is a large swimming pool and pretty landscaped gardens to treat as your own. All the food is home-made and much of it is grown locally including the delicious mozzarella cheese from their farm next door. This is another family-run home and the owners love to have children enjoying their home to its full potential.

Tenuta Seliano


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