A shorter holiday needs to be planned with that much more precision and with people on the ground who make the most out of every moment. Medium haul destinations such as Morocco and Oman are not too far and yet still very exotic. Further afield, however, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and even Namibia or Mozambique are possibilities.

With direct flights even the Maldives and parts of India come into play. We generally try to encourage a slightly more leisurely and considered approach than a week or less in our destinations but if that is all you have there are a handful of ways of doing a handful of our destinations in a way that is truly worth doing.

Exclusive travel Morocco


Probably the most accessible ‘exotic’ destination from Europe. You can combine a bit of culture and shopping in Marrakech with a stay on the coast in Essaouira to make a week very busy and fulfilling. Best in March through June and September through November.

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exclusive tailor-made vacation to the UAE

United Arab Emirates

There are a lot more places to visit in the UAE than just Dubai. We know some great desert camps and and private guides that can show you a lot more than the City in the desert. November is perfect for warm days, and a lot quieter than December.

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exclusive Vacation to oman


Adventure in the rugged interior. Luxury on the beach. Escape from the Winter. A tented camp in the Al Akhdar Mountains is true adventure. Sunset on the dunes a real memory. A luxury hotel on an unspoilt beach a way to unwind. Exotic variety is only a short flight away.

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luxury travel to rwanda


Truly beautiful and a captivating experience. With the right budget we can create a shorter break for you to encounter the mountain gorilla and spend some time with guide to learn about their natural habitat. Best visited December through March.

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Bespoke safaris Kenya


Direct flights/no jet lag and the possibility (if you have the budget) of an immediate private charter from the International airport into the heart of the bush. You can be on safari sooner than you think. Best December through March and July/August.

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