Our individualisation and specialist knowledge mean that we can design luxury tailor-made holidays and journeys on foot, on horseback or by boat (as well as by vehicle or light aircraft for longer distances) which really penetrate a place.

Our approach allows our clients to witness a culture and interact with people and their way of life in a very personal way. We use local guides and locally owned accommodation wherever possible but also know when that extra bit of comfort or luxury is available or required.

Most importantly, personal experience means that we can manage every client’s expectations over exactly what to expect. Morning prayer in a remote monastery in the Himalayas, private access to a Mayan site or a trek to inaccessible villages in the Andes … all deliver an experience which is far from the mere selection of a flight and a hotel.

Our holidays are tailor-made and are all very far from the mainstream but without necessarily compromising on comfort. That is what c+l is about.

luxury holiday to Peru


Mountain and jungle scenery. Inca ruins in fabulous settings. World class cuisine. For those looking for adventure and particularly for families with active children, Peru delivers for everyone. Trekking, whitewater rafting, horse-riding and mountain biking. There is something for everyone with culture running in parallel.

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luxury vacation Bhutan


Years of isolation and strict codes of behaviour, architecture and dress make this Himalayan kingdom like no other. Hotels now offer great comfort, whilst enabling you to get beneath the skin of the country in the company of some excellent guides. Clearest views from September to December but cold at night.

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Tailor-made holiday to Guatemala


Ancient ruins in jungle settings. Markets and colonial architecture. Probably the most authentic of Central American locations. Combines well with Mexico or Belize if you want some beach as well. But for those who are looking for a Mexico of 20 years ago, Guatemala is just that.

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Luxury holidays to Rajasthan


October is post monsoon but still few tourists, so a perfect time to experience the beautiful temples and culture. Rajasthan has some of the most atmospheric places to stay in the world.

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exclusive tailor-made vacation to Vietnam


Supreme cuisine, fascinating cities and miles of unspoiled beaches. Spring is the best time to be in Vietnam. Explore the length of this country and experience the surprising variety from north to south.

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exclusive tailor-made Vacations to Northern India


Previously the preserve of the back-packer, the sensitive restoration of some remote village houses now offers those who want a bit of comfort mixed in with their rugged scenery a really exciting option. Tibet without Chinese authority? ... Perhaps...

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exclusive holiday to cambodia


Nothing can prepare you for the ruins of Angkor. With a good private guide you can explore extensively. More recent history and culture is equally fascinating with both Phnom Penh and the Mekong often overlooked. Best visited November through April.

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exclusive tailor-made vacation to Japan


Japan is a place of ancient gods and customs, but is also the cutting edge of cool modernity. You can catch sight of a farmer tending his paddy field, then turn the corner and find yourself next to a neon-festooned electronic games parlour in the suburb of a sprawling metropolis.

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