At c+l, our destinations lend themselves to planning and executing that extraordinary special long-haul extended trip and unforgettable sabbatical holiday. Whether you want to go trekking in South America or expereince a multitude of different cultures in Asia, we can create the perfect sabbatical to ensure you have the best time of your life.

It takes that extra bit of time to see Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos all in one trip but you need it expertly handled to use that time well and make sure you don’t waste a single day. And for those who want to do more than scratch the surface of Africa, it is often a slightly longer trip, such as a sabbatical, in the company of a really specialist guide which affords this.

exclusive tailor-made vacation to Vietnam

South East Asia

Taking in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam this trip can include all of the things you have always wanted to see and do in this fascinating area of the world. From the astonishing sights of Angkor in Cambodia to the beaches of Thailand, this trip will be one to remember.

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tailor-made travel to Antarctica


Breathtaking mountains, glaciers and fjords; astonishing colours and sounds; unique wildlife, such as the Emperor Penguin and leopard seal, as well as research stations and historical points of interest - the White Continent offers an awe-inspiring, once in a lifetime experience.

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Tanzania luxury travel


Sitting on a high kopje at sunset and watching thousands of migrating wildebeest march across the vast Serengeti plain below you is one of life’s most extraordinary moments. If you are looking to venture out into the world and experience nature, this is a very good place to start.

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Tailor made travel to Madagascar


Madagascar encapsulates a range of different experiences all in one destination. From the national parks, home of endangered species to learning about the Malagsy culture and their fascinating culture. As well as this there are beautiful landscapes and unspoilt beaches

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luxury travel to Chile


One of the most dramatic and varied landscapes in South America, but also involving some big distances in between them. You really benefit from having a good amount of time to explore and to enjoy some of the most remote places in the world. Possible all year round but most popular between October and March when the South is at its best.

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Central + South America

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Central+South America visiting this part of the world's varying countries - from riding in Argentina to relaxing on the beach in Brazil.

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