Explore Chiloe and the fjords

"one of the most extraordinary, wild and remote parts of the world". sophia constant

Just South of Puerto Montt lies the island of Chiloe and a coastline dotted with deep fjords.

The lack of roads, the big distances, limited accommodation and the need of a boat to access many of the more remote beaches and fjords means that you have a wild coastline virtually to yourself.

Chiloe itself now has at least one place which is comfortable and has good service levels and more are sure to come. It is an island steeped in folklore- the legend of El Trauco is a particularly disturbing excuse of a story for philandering locals to hide behind… And the little villages and towns with extraordinary brightly painted wooden buildings and delicious seafood are there to be explored by car and on foot. And if you travel to the extreme shores away from Ancud at the Puerto Montt end of the island, you are unlikely to see another visitor and can enjoy local seafood delicacies simply cooked on the beach or in a little village hostelry.

For those with a bigger budget, we can charter a small boat to explore the full shoreline of Chiloe and the Pacific Coast of Chile with is barely visited fjords and amazing microclimate. It is one of the great adventures to be had in South America.