Fishing in Southern Chile

"the very variable water levels make this a challenging destination for the fly fisher". L Slater

Wild country and fresh glacial water make for exciting fishing in a truly magnificent landscape.

Linked by the Carretera Austral in between Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas in Southern Chile, this is more a road trip with fishing than a traditional fishing destination. The extreme rainfall means that permanent lodges are few and far between due to patchy reliability.

We tend to mount expeditions which take in two or three rivers in a two week trip so that you spread the risk and have with you a boat from which you can float when the river levels mean that fishing from the bank is difficult or impossible.

This is not fishing for someone who wants a big haul and the winds can make the casting a challenge but to be somewhere truly remote and fish rarely fished water for wild trout and sea trout, there are few places more spectacular.

And for those who want a truly out of this world adventure, (with a price tag to match), we can charter a yacht complete with helicopters and fishing guides to navigate the Pacific Coast and access whichever river is fishing best in the conditions of the day.