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Mesmerising Mumbai

There is nowhere else in the world like Mumbai. It is home to every extreme and can be a chaotic introduction to India. But with a knowledgeable guide and the right advice beforehand, your experience of this city can be extraordinary.

The most vibrant city in India, Mumbai is a fast-paced, buzzing metropolis that is the commercial hub and financial capital of a country emerging at an unstoppable rate. Now home to the famed Bollywood film industry and world-renowned fashion houses, Mumbai is becoming more crowded and cosmopolitan by the day, but at its crux it has a warm and welcoming nature which makes a few days spent here incredibly memorable.

Superb Architecture

There are so many famous sites to see which is why we feel that having an experienced guide makes all the difference. From the fabulous display of colonial architecture at the Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminus and the historic Taj Mahal Palace hotel which overlooks the Gateway of India, to India’s largest slum where 1 million people live on 450 acres – our guide will tweak each day to suit your time frame and interests.

Luxury holiday to Mumbai, India

Excursions and hidden streets

Another ‘must see’ while in Mumbai is the boat ride to Elephanta Island, 10km from Mumbai. Accompanied by one of our guides you can explore this forested island which is home to a number of excavated caves and stunning Hindu carvings, inscribed over 1000 years ago, that bear testament to the craftsmanship of the time.

Escape the buzz for a more relaxed pace and explore the charming village of Khotachi Wadi. Meander through these tiny streets to learn about the centuries old and multi-coloured Portuguese influenced houses where an eclectic blend of various Indian religions and ethnicities coexist.

Interacting with the locals

We have also created a unique experience to spend a morning with the incredible Dabbawalas, the “lunch box delivery men”, who deliver more than 175,000 lunches every day, which can’t fail to leave a lasting impression. For those that really want to get involved, you can even help prepare and deliver the dabba to the customer.

As with many city destinations, we often work with “friends in town” rather than tourist guides. In Mumbai we have a particular star who really adds her special insight to any visit to Mumbai.

Art and shopping

With its fabulous shops, art galleries and world class restaurants, the scene is constantly changing and our guides in the city are always up to speed on various exhibitions and new dining venues as well as the more historical parts of the city.