The Extraordinary and remote Easter Island

"Clients return from Easter island even more curious about the myths that surround this strange place". Lucy slater

Arguably the strangest and most remote place on Earth, Easter Island poses as many questions as it answers. A Polynesian island famed for its curious monumental statues (Moai) and strange mixture of history, cult and mythology.

Situated over 3,500 kilometres West of continental Chile in the Southern Pacific (and over 2,500 kilometres from its nearest neighbour, Pitcairn Island), it is truly remote. The flights are expensive and it takes almost 6 hours, so it is worth spending at least 3 or 4 nights on the island.

There is now a very good lodge on the island and some of the guides are also excellent. We always suggest that visitors spend a bit of time on their own exploring the little-visited beaches and headlands. It is the only way fully to appreciate just how extreme and isolated this place is and you can only marvel at the resourcefulness of its people.