Owner-Run with Over 20 Years of Extraordinary

Henrietta Loyd founded cazenove+loyd in 1993, born out of a passion for travel and specifically in its formative days, Africa. Joined by Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell in 1996, Latin America was started the following year then Asia+The Middle East in 2000. It is these three regions where we focus solely thus ensuring our knowledge is second to none and constantly up to date. We are still owner-run and our philosophy is the same today as the day we opened our doors- we are about being the best rather than the biggest. We always have been and we always will be.

Truly Tailor-Made

Unlike large tour operators, we do not 'own' product so we are never going to offload something on you which we have been unable to sell to someone else. We believe it is important to create an itinerary which give people a true understanding of our destinations. We aim to push travel experiences far beyond the realms of ordinary and it is this ethic that makes us buzz and one we still thrive on over 20 years later. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and thoughtful personal touches throughout your itinerary. Once. It's a small word, but it's our philosophy, our promise.

Knowledge + Expertise

c+l was founded on a curiosity for discovering new places and people so we know that it is the guide and the experience that makes or breaks the trip. Our extraordinary network of contacts throughout our three regions of expertise are extensive and deep rooted. Our trusted friends on the ground mean that we can make it happen day in day out. And we do. There are few doors we cannot open and we are continuously recognised for this ‘can-do’ attitude which we call ‘destination expertise’. We are, however, only as good as the last holiday we create.

Our c+l Promise

We always stay in touch throughout your trip to ensure you are looked after every step of the way. We take great delight in seeing the journey our clients take through the holidays we have created for them. Families with young children travel each year until we are arranging honeymoons for those children followed by family trips a few years later with their own young children. Our clients enjoy the thrill of discovery and adventure which form the backbone of treasured memories which last a lifetime.


"cazenove+loyd don't advertise which is good, people like to whisper them like a little secret to their friends"


“cazenove+loyd are quite simply part and parcel of our most cherished travel memories... somehow they have managed to deliver every time."

Committed to Our Destinations

We choose to work with people and places not just because they are special, but because they are special to us. We want to keep the people and the habitats they live in just the way they should be.

Award Winning

No. 2 in the world 'Specialist Tour Operator' - as voted for by Condé Nast Traveller, 2016