cazenove+loyd works in some of the most ecologically and culturally sensitive parts of the world. And we are always conscious of operating in a way which has a positive impact on both the environment and the people.

Tourism is our livelihood and the livelihood of the people we work with in Africa + Indian Ocean, Central + South America and Asia + The Middle East – it is our joint responsibility to promote sustainable development in tourism. We travel extensively and try to influence good practice wherever possible. We also encourage our clients to give us feedback on both good and bad practices they might notice. As a small company with a relatively small number of clients we believe that the best way to have a positive impact is to work with individuals who share our values. Similar to the locally-owned, small-scale lodges and hotels which we tend to favor in our itineraries we also seek out charities that effect change in small, local projects.

We currently support the following four charities which operate in our three regions of expertise:


CITTA is a US registered charity that supports development in some of the most economically challenged and remote communities in the world. It has founded and continues to administer 12 projects primarily in India and Nepal ranging from health clinics to schools. Education for girls and raising their expectations for future employment is the current focus of this committed and low-overhead managed charity. Find out more about CITTA on our blog.




For many years cazenove+loyd have supported Tusk Trust. Tusk Trust is a dynamic UK based Africa Wildlife trust that has 20 years experience in promoting and supporting community development programs across Africa, as well as all importantly conserving and protecting wildlife. This year we are sponsoring many of the Tusk events in the UK to help raise money and awareness of the conservation work, community support and education they are putting in place.



INTC was formed in 1980 by a group of like minded people who were united in a determination to protect and conserve wildlife in areas threatened by human activity. By conserving natural habitats and wildlife, human communities will also benefit. This year, we hope to donate enough money to buy a Land Rover for anti-poaching patrols in National Parks and Game Reserves throughout India.





Rainforest Concern was established to protect threatened natural habitats, and the biodiversity they Rainforest Concerncontain, together with the indigenous people who still depend on them for their survival. The organization focuses on four main areas: Protection and management of forested land to create protected reserves. Set up of programs for alternative income generation, health and education are developed with the local communities living near the projects. Research in biodiversity. Development of their volunteer programmes. To support any of these charities, visit their website or email us for more information.