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With its dramatic landscapes peppered with forts and oases, magnificent empty deserts, rugged mountain ranges, world-class diving and a far south that is surprisingly green (due to the monsoon that just tips the coast) Oman is emerging from its years of self-imposed isolation to reveal itself as an intriguing and beautiful destination. Its warm, friendly and un-jaded people, and its old eastern imperial culture add immensely to its appeal.

However, Oman must be carefully planned and managed, since many of the hotels are very simple and their operators unused to the level of service we expect. There are traps for the unwary: for instance, the best way to explore the stunning fjords and mountains of the remote Mussandam peninsula, is by dhow. Most operators take a small flotilla around the same route - so we have found a private dhow to get you well away from the crowds.

Best visited: October to March

All itineraries are individually designed, but as a guide, we can arrange a ten days in Oman (not including flights) from £2300 per person.

“It was a great trip which could not have gone better and you did a superb job in fixing it up for us. Very many thanks”

Crown Jewels

For over 20 years we have been creating the best luxury tailor-made holidays, we know our countries inside and out and really know how to get under the skin of each one and the best way to experience them.

Rummage for silver in muttrah souq

Muttrah Souq is of the oldest and most fascinating souqs in the Gulf. In majestic contrast with the modern city in which it is set, you can wander down any of the small side alleys and discover a selection of tiny shops full of Omani silver, stalls of gleaming white dishdashas and embroided kumahs.

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Exploring the old nizwa fort

Nizwa Fort is one of the most intact and spectacular forts to be found throughout Oman. Built in 1668, Nizwa Fort is vast and imposing, a powerful reminder of the town's invincibility through the turbulent periods in Oman's long history.

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paraglide into your hotel

Leave the airport, head for the hills by chauffeured 4x4, strap yourself in and jump out over the crescent shaped bay below. Take in the views and landscapes and land in style at your hotel (for a very well earned drink!) 20 minutes later.

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explore the empty quarter

Also known as The Rub' al Khali this is one of the largest sand deserts in the world, it encompasses most of the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula. There are few places on Earth where you can have this much fun in a sandpit.

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The creation of each individual itinerary starts with a client’s dream.  In discussion we translate these initial desires and aspirations into our vision of the best achievable holiday. Our meticulous planning and love of our destinations ensure that we create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We promise you precious and everlasting memories.

discover oman

Oman desert experience


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Our relationships count for a lot and we still work with some of the same people we have worked with for twenty years. There is also constant change and the teams are always reviewing and adding to the experiences which they can offer and the lodges, hotels and guides they work with.


desert activity guide

guided desert adventure Oman

We feel the spectacular deserts and incredible mountains of Oman make it one of our most impressive destinations and therefore a good guide is a must to ensure our clients see the highlights and also get off the beaten track away from other tourists. Rashid has been a guide in Oman for many years and accompanies our clients whilst staying in a private luxury camp. He is a fountain of knowledge and extremely passionate about his home country which makes even the long car journeys into the Empty Quarter extremely interesting.
Rashid works alongside the camp to ensure the whole trip is brilliantly run and accompanied by such stunning landscapes makes it a truly magical experience. Whilst in the desert his passion is to teach our clients desert survival and dune driving skills which is great fun for all ages.
Rashid’s excellent driving skills ensure that our clients are kept safe which is important in such remote and challenging regions. Here clients will discover driving in sand dunes isn’t as easy as it looks so the need to have an expert guide on hand is invaluable.

Ian harrison

bird watching guide

expert guide Oman

Ian Harrison is a very experienced and knowledgeable bird watching guide based in Muscat. For those of you who love nothing better than picking up a pair of binoculars we suggest  spending a day with Ian to discover some of Oman’s fantastic birdlife such as Egyptian Vulture, desert lark and Arabian babbler.
Ian is a real enthusiast and has spent many years studying the birds and learning about their ideal habitats in and around Muscat, which surprisingly includes the Sunub Rubbish Dump. Although not a very salubrious location it serves as a magnet for birds and is a great place to observe eagles. So much so, that Muscat has been called the Eagle Capital of the world.
Guided by Ian’s expert knowledge throughout the day you can also visit the Al Ansab Lagoons and Sewage Treatment Plant which is one of the top birding spots in Oman, home to wildfowl, waders, herons, possibly crakes, raptors and resident species.
Ian is very active in the ornithology world, so is definitely the best person to guide our clients to ensure the very best possible sightings.

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At c+l, we have no vested interest in the hotels and lodges which we select - we review everything and choose the best for a particular client. And because we visit our three regions on a regular basis and have details conversations with over 90% of our clients on their return, our choices can be refined continually. The choice of what is best for the client is our only consideration

wahiba sands camp

luxury private desert camp Oman

Feeling adventurous? We highly recommend staying in a private luxury camp and away from other tourists. The whole trip is brilliantly run and accompanied by such stunning landscapes making it a truly magical experience. The camp is totally mobile and is set up in various quiet locations. We recommend the desert or mountains for an incredible experience as the each option is more difficult to access. The delicious food, comfortable tents and excellent guiding ensure that it is the highlight of any cazenove+loyd trip to Oman.

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the chedi

luxury Oman gulf hotel

The Chedi is a glamorous hotel that is as close as one can get to 'boutique' in Oman. It is stylishly decorated throughout with sophisticated fabrics and furnishings, with Far Eastern influences lending it an authentic Omani touch. It has a number of excellent restaurants, a wonderful spa and fabulous pools and, with their border of palm trees and views over the ocean, we think it is a lovely place to sit back and relax. It is situated on the beachfront, but it is not the most attractive of beaches so most guests enjoy the beautiful swimming pools and grounds instead.

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the al bustan palace

luxury hotel Oman

There is no hiding that this is a large hotel but guests are instantly wowed by the impressive lobby and huge chandelier as they enter the Al Bustan Palace. Located along a stunning stretch of coastline with a dramatic mountain backdrop, it is situated just outside Muscat so well placed for exploring the city with one of our experienced guides. We can also arrange dolphin watching trips which is also a great hit for all ages. The numerous activities on offer and size of the hotel means we think it is more suited to families with young children.

zighy bay

Oman luxury desert hotel

Zighy Bay encompasses everything that the Six Senses brand stands for, rustic charm, excellent service and a perfect haven for relaxation. We are also pretty sure there are not many other hotels that guests can paraglide into on arrival. The resort is the epitome of barefoot luxury and it is designed in the style of an Omani Village, with a fantastic beach and stand-alone pool villas scattered in a picturesque bay, the perfect setting for a beach BBQ or romantic dinner for two. There is also an excellent kids club and babysitters so children are very much encouraged.

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