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Fishing in La Posada de los Farios

Alan Quinton, Client

Records are made to be broken, and Alan Quinton’s + Drummond Watson’s recent trip to La Posada de los Farios did just that. Alan left Chile not only with fond memories but a new personal best…

Forget about the niceties of dry fly fishing in Britain. Use the huge Cantaria beetle fly – a ‘fat Albert’ – and you’ll soon be stuck into one of Chile’s monster trout.

Forget the genteel advice to lift the rod tip to set the hook; your guide will tell you to strike so hard you think the fish must go sailing over your shoulder. Then you have to ‘strip’ as hard as you can to retrieve all loose line – I am still suffering from third degree burns to the fingers. At the same time be sure to keep the rod well bent into the fish and, if it’s a big one, control it on the reel as quickly as possible, letting it run if it wants to. Well, I soon came to the conclusion I didn’t have enough hands for all this and so lost a lot of fish but practically every fish landed was a personal record.

Fishing in Chile, Patagonia

It was my travelling companion who really excelled himself, however. It was our last fishing day and Rex was our guide on the lake. We had hired his tackle. Drummond hooked a monster, perhaps not the fabled “el metro”, but certainly two feet long. It ran under the boat and there was some confusion as to how it should be controlled. In that confusion, contact with the rod was lost. I have never seen a rod move so quickly under water – come to think of it I’d never before seen a rod underwater! Rex gallantly took the blame on himself and observed that “these things happen…” when, truthfully, each of us had a share of the guilt. Drummond asked Rex whether this had happened before, he replied drily, “no, this is a first”.