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A mother and daughter safari in Tanzania

Susie Cazenove, Co-Founder of cazenove+loyd.

There is something very special about taking one of your children at a time on holiday, which is what I did with my daughter Olivia last year, in Tanzania. After magnificent animal sightings around the Ndutu/Serengeti area we made our way up to the Salai Plains, a remote part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area between the Gol Mountains and the Rift Valley. Surrounded by ancient volcanic mountains, it is the home of plains game and Maasai.

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Interaction with the Maasai is possible here. They look after the tented camp in which we stayed and took us on walks in dramatically beautiful places.

When walking out of Ol Karien Gorge we came upon a group of women collecting water. We stopped to talk to them and one little girl took a great shine to Olivia and would not let go of her hand. She asked to put on Olivia’s dark glasses and her mother showed Olivia how practical their capes were for carrying their washing etc on their backs, by dressing her as a Maasai woman.

There was great interest in Olivia’s digital photos and much laughter when dressing her up. It was a happy and natural contact between human beings that live lives worlds apart. Olivia also tried her hand at using a bow and arrow, with a lot less success than dressing as a Maasai woman!

A mother and daughter safari is an unusual and incredible delight.

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