Johnny Ogilvie

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Destination Expert | Central+South America


My fascination with Latin America began in 2005 when I volunteered at a conservation project in Ecuador before backpacking the length and breadth of the continent. Since this first expedition I have returned as a student, a tour conductor, a pool boy, a painter and as a travel researcher. It is these experiences, amongst many others, that fuel my passion for all things Latin American. Having a career in travel allows me to use my love and knowledge of the country to design exceptional and authentic bespoke trips and live vicariously through my client’s journeys and experiences.

Longing to return to…

Buenos Aries

A vibrant capital that comes alive at night, with secret locals-only tango bars serving bold Malbec’s and scrumptious steak empanadas. There's no better place to immerse yourself in the Argentine culture.

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My next destination…


Incredibly diverse landscapes, rich coffee, quaint colourful villages and a raft of new boutique hotels are just a few reasons why Colombia is one of our rising stars in Latin America.

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Johnny's Views

Most memorable experience

Whilst sailing around the Galapagos Islands on a small 16-person boat a few of us decided that the stars were too beautiful to return to our cabins. We spent the entire night on the upper deck gazing at the stars and conversing about the wonderful islands that we were visiting.

Best piece of travel advice

Whilst in Latin America is it easy to try and do as much as you can for fear of missing out. My advice is to take things slowly, jump into a local bar and enjoy a refreshing beer with the locals. They will welcome you with open arms and give you invaluable insight into local life.

My favourite hotel

Lapa Rios in a breath-taking eco lodge located in the pristine and biodiverse Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. The super comfortable private villas have panoramic views that overlook the rainforest canopy down towards the Pacific Ocean. The staff, including the guides that run the excursions, are extremely friendly and efficient.

Three of My Favourite Places

The Sacred Valley

A hikers dream

This traditional region between Cuzco and Machu Picchu is dotted with sleepy towns, dusty roads, intriguing ancient ruins, towering snow-capped volcanoes and some interesting local delicacies. I particularly enjoy exploring this area on foot, or by pushbike

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Rio de Janeiro

An iconic city

One of South America’s most iconic cities, where you can play football with the locals and never touch the ball, soak up the rays on the famous Copacabana Beach, paraglide over the city and finish the day with a zesty caipirinha cocktail.

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The Amazon rainforest

Get off the grid

This extremely biodiverse area is a wonderful place to escape modern life and get back to basics. Days are filled with exploration of this unique ecosystem where Howler Monkeys replace alarm clocks, Parrots replace TV’s and WIFI is very easily forgotten about.

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