One of those months when it is a joy to get away. And for those without the restrictions of school holidays, there are some exotic and beautiful destinations to choose from.  Below are just three ideas (one from each of our regions), however they are not the only options:

In Asia most of India, The Maldives, much of Thailand, Sri Lanka and Laos/Cambodia are all great to visit.

In Central+South America, the far South of Argentina/Chile is at its best as well as Central America and Mexico.

And in Africa+Indian Ocean don't forget East Africa at that time of year.

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A selection of ideas for you to consider

January is the perfect time to get away, relax and grab some Winter sun.

best time to go to guatemala


South + South East Asia

Ancient ruins in jungle settings. Markets and colonial architecture.
Probably the most authentic of Central American locations. Combines well with Mexico or Belize if you want some beach as well. But for those who are looking for a Mexico of 20 years ago, Guatemala is just that.

10 day itineraries from £2500/ $3750 pp excluding flights

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best time to visit the gorillas in rwanda


Africa + Indian Ocean

Truly beautiful and a captivating experience. With the right budget we can create a shorter break for you to encounter the mountain gorilla and spend some time with guide to learn about their natural habitat.  Best visited December through March.

4 day itineraries from £2500/ $3750 pp excluding flights

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best time to go to kerela


South + South East Asia

Small homestays, rice barges, spice markets and low-key beach.
The most gentle of Indian States. Great for a first timer to India. Perfect weather in January and very quiet once the holidays are over.

10 day itineraries from £1800/ $2700 pp excluding flights

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best time to go on holiday to south africa

south africa

Africa + Indian Ocean

Wonderful wine and food at reasonable prices in the Cape. And glorious weather. A huge choice of different hotels and lodges. Direct flights and no jet lag.
Ideally after the New Year crowds have gone, enjoy great scenery and hospitality in a relaxed way and leave the Northern Hemishpere’s winter far behind.

10 day itineraries from £1900/ $1850 pp excluding flights

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best time to go to the maldives

the maldives

South + South East Asia

With direct flights and accessed by float-plane, some of the best beach hotels are easier to get to than you think. Great service and complete privacy for those that want it, our Destination Experts know the best hotels as well as anyone. Best visited in January, February and March.


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Luxury Tailormade holidays

Northern Tanzania

Africa + Indian Ocean

February is the month with the best opportunities for viewing the migration in the North of the country.
It is also a great place to spend a little longer and do something extraordinary. Not only does Tanzania have some luxurious lodges, it also has some very undiscoverd places for you to explore.

Tailor-made Safaris from £4200 per person
when should I go on holiday to uganda


Africa + Indian Ocean

One of those places which really benefit from a bit of time. The very basic infrastructure means that driving between different parts of the country takes longer than you imagine. And it is well worth visiting three or four different areas. Best December through April and July/August.


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best time to go on safari in kenya


Africa + Indian Ocean

Direct flights/no jet lag and the possibility (if you have the budget) of an immediate private charter from the International airport into the heart of the bush. You can be on safari sooner than you think. Best December through March and July/August.


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Extraordinary Celebrations

We can create the ultimate private party in some of the most exotic locations in the world.

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