If it was a bit warm in September, then October is well nigh perfect as the temperatures drop in the Northern Hemisphere.

And, if you want post-monsoon clear skies before the nights get distinctly chilly in the Himalaya, now is the month to enjoy Bhutan, Uttaranchal and Nepal.

But if you want to pin us down to just three destinations of the many on offer then......

a few ideas for you to consider

A rich choice of destinations to visit and things to do in October, each very special in different ways.

when should I go to chile


Central + South America

Wild snow-capped mountains, indigo lakes, green forests and vast shimmering desert ... all without crossing a border. The North of the country is accessible all year. But October is probably the best month to take in every part of the country in all its wild diversity.

10 day itineraries from £4000/ $6000 pp excluding flights

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when should I go on holiday to uganda


Africa + Indian Ocean

Combines well with Kenya or Tanzania. Some of the most beautiful and least visited National Parks in Africa. A destination for the adventurous and with limited permits, gorilla trekking needs to be planned well in advance.

10 day itineraries from £4200/ $6385 pp with flights

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best time to go to namibia


Africa + Indian Ocean

One of the most dramatic landscapes in Africa and totally different from any ‘normal’ safari destination. It is never about large numbers it is all about the landscape and the desert adapted species which are a true revelation. Best from April through October.

10 day itineraries including from £4200/ $6385 per person

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when should I go to oman


Adventure in the rugged interior. Luxury on the beach. Escape from the Winter. A tented camp in the Al Akhdar Mountains is true adventure. Sunset on the dunes a real memory. A luxury hotel on an unspoilt beach a way to unwind.  Exotic variety is only a short flight away.

10 day itineraries from £2300/ $3450 excluding flights

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Extraordinary Celebrations

We can create the ultimate private party in some of the most exotic locations in the world.

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