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Our Top 6 James Bond Destinations

When the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, was released, pandemonium hit cinemas like a thoroughly shaken martini. The 24th film originating from Ian Fleming’s spy novels proved that the stylish yet deadly character just never stops pleasing Queen and country.

But what makes 007 so desirable? Women swoon over his suave features, men gawp at his hybrid collection of boys’ toys but for us it’s the unbeatable locations. From the turquoise shores of Thailand to the bright lights of Hong Kong’s megalopolis every backdrop is infallible. After all, a 007 movie wouldn’t be quite the same if a Bond girl arose from the sea off Southend.

Luckily, we don’t need to undergo a fist fight at 250m on top of a mountain or get shot at from a villain on a speedboat, we simply take on the film’s best locations and dare we say, make it better than 007 ever had it.

Here are our top 6 James Bond destinations:

BOND GOES TO…Visit Mexico Day of the Dead


Taking our cue from the latest movie, Spectre, the opening scene sees Bond causing havoc in a Day of the Dead carnival in the capital. The festival which is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd November, pays tribute to departed souls welcoming them back to their rightful homes. Cut to Daniel Craig tearing through a morbid crowd consisting of suited and booted skeletons and elegant corpse bride ladies sashaying down streets in dark frills.



Travel with a street savvy private guide who can accompany you around the celebrations taking you to the best floats and breathing life into this more elaborate version of Halloween. Mexico City is known as the country’s foodie capital and we can reserve tables at some of the best restaurants in town. We also have access to the best gardens in the city if you feel like escaping the crowds.Luxury Holidays to Mexico City

Tailor-made Luxury Holiday to Rio de Janeiro



In Moonraker (1979) Roger Moore as 007 gets heavy handed with evil villain, Jaws (the one with a mouth full of metal), on top of a cable car descending the Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. He then slides down the cables using a chain to uphold him and of course a Bond girl, Lois Charles, clinging to him all the way to Guanabara bay.


After a day of exploring the city, ascend the Sugar Loaf Mountain with a private guide in a cable car in good time for sunset (no fighting, we promise). Enjoy a tipple or two whilst you watch the evening light change from gold to purple until you can see the bright lights of this vibrant city. We can’t promise an actress/model dangling from your neck but we can guarantee that your guide will show you the ropes of the city like no other. And for the real Bond in you, we can introduce you to a pilot/guide who can fly you over the city on his hang glider.

Brazil Luxury Tour operator

Bespoke Luxury Holidays to MoroccoBOND GOES TO…


Director Sam Mendes couldn’t resist ancient medinas, rippled sand dunes and the dusky exoticism of Morocco for the new film Spectre. Here Bond ends racing around the port town of Tangier and battles through the blazing heat of the desert. Although Tangier does not have as much street cred as that of Marrakesh or Fez, its romanticism is widely acknowledged as is its creative pulse emanating from the artists, writers and musicians who gather there.


Our friends at Banyan Tree hotel are opening their first hotel in Morocco next year which will make this the most exotic and accessible luxury retreat on the Mediterranean coast. Visit surrounding medinas such as Cefchaouen appropriately known as The Blue City, with idyllic blue washed buildings and artfully curated squares. Do as 007 does and venture into the desert, although with a lot less agro and ride camels, sand board down dunes and sleep under countless stars in a private camp. Fez and Marrakech are easy to get to for personal shopping, colourful restaurants and boutique hotels such as Riad Fez or Riad Farnatchi.

Bets Luxury Hotels in Morocco

Luxury Holidays to Phuket Thailand BOND GOES TO…


Probably one of the most memorable scenes as far as locations go is in The Man with the Golden Gun when James rips through Phang Gna Bay in Phuket in search of villain Scaramanga’s secret island lair hidden within Khao Phing Kan, now famously called Bond Island. Turquoise waters, thick vegetation and pristine powder-like sand is what put this location at the top of our list.



Discover the cinematic scenery, crystal clear turquoise waters, and lush green mountains of Phuket’s beach paradise. Sink into soft sand and simply relax at one of our favourite chic beach retreats or visit local fishing villages with a local guide. Take private boat trips to secluded islands and snorkel in secret coves. We love surprising our clients with candlelit dinners on the beach or deluxe picnics under leafy palm trees.

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Bets Luxury Hotels in Rajasthan IndiaBOND GOES TO…


After paying a visit to the Taj Mahal, Bond goes to Rajasthan in Northern India to investigate the smuggling of the Faberge egg in Octopussy. In Udaipur, Bond floats out to evil siren Octopussy’s floating palace filled with attractive, scantily clad yet dangerous women. It’s a surprise that he is able to lure himself away as the scenery is undoubtedly romantic and the palace is captivating in itself.


Sitting in the middle of Lake Pichola, Octopussy’s lair is known to us as the Taj Lake Palace which sees many a hazy golden sunset reflected in serene waters. Ornate, lavish, and accessible only by boat, this white marble elegant hotel is one of our favourite places to reside whilst a private guide will help you explore Udaipur’s beautiful temples, colourful streets, mesmerising palaces and fascinating history.Taj Lake Palace Holiday Rajasthan







Hong Kong has featured in over three Bond movies, The Man with the Golden Gun, Die Another Day and You Only Live Twice. Although some might be rated more highly than others, the city’s prevalence thoughout the franchise never failed to impress. Bright lights, barges, street scenes and grand hotels added to the mystery and seduction of jet setting spy life. If only Bond had instagram.



Private shopping, hidden local restaurants, rooftop cocktails and private boat trips, Hong Kong is more versatile than it lets on. Think towering peaks covered in tropical vegetation, a truly cosmopolitan concrete jungle below and yachts cruising wide bays. We provide specialist guides to breathe life into this whirlwind of a world. Stay in the Peninsula hotel featured in The Man With the Golden Gun in 1974 which has long upheld its glamour, slick service and utmost grandeur and yes, the Rolls Royce fleet still exists.