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An Interview with Hip and Healthy’s Sadie Reid


cazenove+loyd speaks to Sadie Reid, founder of highly successful online publication Hip & Healthy, about detoxes, retreats and travel inspirations.

Luxury yoga retreat

What was your inspiration for Hip & Healthy?

The idea for Hip & Healthy came to me whilst I was living in Hong Kong on a six month sabbatical from my then current job at Conde Nast. I wanted to establish myself as a health and fitness writer as I was so completely in love with the whole topic of wellbeing and yet I was struggling to find any magazines or online platforms that covered the subject in an inspiring and luxury way. So Hip & Healthy was born!

How do you think the health and fitness industry has developed since you first started Hip and Healthy?

It is amazing to think how much it has changed in four years. When I first started Hip & Healthy I had a hard time convincing people that wellbeing was cool and that looking after yourself is something that can be super enjoyable and a little addictive too. There were hardly any vegan options on menus and now there are restaurants dedicated to eating this way. Gyms were the only option of working out indoors and now we have yoga studios / dedicated Pilates studios / barre / HIIT and even awesome workout brands like Frame to choose from.

Luxury holiday to Hong Kong

Having lived in Hong Kong – What was the best thing about living there?

The amazing restaurants,– being so small meant you were never far away from friends or beaches, and the amazing social lifestyle of spending most of your weekends on a junk with mates – these are all things that would draw me back there for a long weekend in a heartbeat!

Which is your favourite retreat for 2016?

Dying to go back to COMO Shambhala’s Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos. I went on my honeymoon and I would love to take my son there. Plus experience their incredible yoga and treatments again.

Luxury trip to Turks & Caicos

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

To be less stressed. Easier said than done!

Are you detoxing this year? If so what are you doing?

I always tend to eat healthily and look after my body. I can’t eat dairy, very rarely eat sugar or meat and have also gone off gluten now so I guess I am on a constant detox. But I need to detox my very busy mind. I think I am going to buy a colouring book.

What is the perfect backdrop for a 10k run?

Any backdrop. A 10k run is perfect in itself. But anything along a beach is a total winner – my fave route being along the ocean in Santa Monica starting at Venice Beach and going all the way up the coast. It is the best de-stresser ever.

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What’s your favourite…

Sportswear brand?

Too many Hip & Healthy faves to choose from!

Spa treatment?

Anything… I’ll. Take. Anything.


Hong Kong.


Bali’s Canggu Beach in Indonesia has both surf and yoga. It’s a dream come true.

Luxury holiday to Indonesia