Central+South America, Peru

A luxury Vacation to Peru

Miranda Plunkett

Depending on your desired activity level the landscape and culture of Peru can be experienced in different ways. For example, you can walk The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or take the Orient-Express luxury train. It is a country which has something for everyone, particularly now with the very high-level of luxury accommodation available so you never have to compromise comfort for the experience.

Luxury vacation to Peru

In seven days on this particular trip we covered a lot of ground: white-water rafting, a two-day trek, mountain-biking as well as some culture, yet we still managed to relax. If you have extra time I would highly recommend a few days in the jungle for a truly exotic experience. Our South American team is available to give all the insight necessary to create the perfect itinerary. Our week was orchestrated down to the last detail without any delays or hanging around to maximize the time and enjoy each place and activity to the full.

Luxury holiday to Peru

A definite highlight was the Peruvian food and every meal was special.  The combination of flavors are original and fresh with results as colorful as the people.  Sadly, there were not enough days to visit all the restaurants on Emily’s (c+l destination expert) list, which she prides herself in keeping up to date. No mean feat in a place with the culinary depth of Peru.