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Why take a tailor-made vacation to Rwanda?

Rwanda is truly beautiful, with its jungle-smothered volcanoes, its hills and valleys covered in a dense patchwork of banana, maize, sorghum and tea plantations, and its gorgeous lakes and rivers. Rwanda overflows with tropical lushness.

As well as being home to the largest and most easily accessible mountain gorilla population in the Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda has teeming bird-life in the magnificent rainforests of Nyungwe, as well as wide-open plains with a completely different ecosystem.

Now well into the healing process since the genocide of 1994, Rwanda’s people have created a remarkable museum as a “never-again” reminder; to visit it is a deeply moving and very worthwhile experience. In the capital, Kigali, and other towns, a number of new places to stay, eat, drink and dance have created a real buzz – enhanced by the Rwandans’ great love of life.

What is the accommodation like in Rwanda?

Some new, stylish lodges and camps are beginning to be developed but it's still a place where expert guidance is essential and the more adventurous traveler will be happiest.

When should I visit Rwanda?

Rwanda is best visited in December through March and July through to October

All itineraries are individually designed but as a guideline we can arrange four days in Rwanda from $4300 per person excluding flights.

“cazenove+loyd do a wonderful job. Their great plus is that they actually send people to the camps to check up on them”
James Davis NY, USA

Area Map

We know Rwanda better than most. The possibilities are endless and ever-changing. On the map below, we have plotted some of our current favorite places to stay, some c+l highlights and a few pertinent client stories. And you can see if there is a team member traveling in that particular country and link through to them and what they are up to, so you can get them to call you on their return.

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For over 20 years we have been creating the best luxury tailor-made vacations, we know our countries inside and out and really know how to get under the skin of each one and the best way to experience them.

Genocide memorial

Visit the Genocide memorial in Rwanada

The Kigali Genocide Memorial Center in Kigali commemorates the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Opened in 2004 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the start of the genocide the center is used to remember, learn and prevent anything like this happening again. We highly recommend anyone traveling to Rwanda visits the center to gain a better understanding of the struggles this nation has had to face.

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volcanoes national park

Volcanos of Rwanda

The Parc National des Volcans is in North West Rwanda, known for its beautiful Virunga volcanoes and as the habitat of the impressive mountain gorilla. An area comprising 6 extinct and 3 active volcanoes, established as a National Park to protect the wildlife of the Virunga mountain range. There are currently 7 habituated gorilla families of varying sizes, which are spread around the Park. Some are typically harder to get to than others but observing these amazing creatures is more than worth the sometime strenuous walk.

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The creation of each individual itinerary starts with a client’s dream.  In discussion we translate these initial desires and aspirations into our vision of the best achievable vacation. Our meticulous planning and love of our destinations ensure that we create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We promise you precious and everlasting memories.

discover wildlife in rwanda

visit the gorillas in Rwanda

Seeing the fascinating primates in their own habitat is a-once-in-a-lifetime experience. Rwanda can also provide more than gorilla tracking; there are cultural experiences to learn about the struggles of the people who have suffered at the hands of genocide, and you can see for yourself just how far their society has come today.

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As every one of the holidays we create is unique, all of our clients come back with different and interesting stories. We love to hear from our clietns on their return to find out about their most memorable moments.

Close encounters with gorillas

gorilla trekking vacation rwanda

How would you react when your just meters away from a gorilla? Jonathan Ellis recalls an hour of his life when he met such a remarkable beast.

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with gorillas in rwanda

bespoke wildlife vacation Rwanda

Founder of c+l Susie Cazenove writes about how her encounter with the gorilla was so overwhelming she wanted to delve deeper into the environmental protection of these beasts looking into a small charity called ICGP.

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At c+l, we have no vested interest in the hotels and lodges which we select - we review everything and choose the best for a particular client. And because we visit our three regions on a regular basis and have detailed conversations with over 90% of our clients on their return, our choices can be refined continually. The choice of what is best for the client is our only consideration


Exclusive Holiday in Rwanda

A small, intimate lodge situated close to the gorilla trekking HQ. The managers will welcome you into their home as you sit back and enjoy the magnificent views of  the Virunga Volcano range.

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Adventure Holiday to Rwanda

Arrive in style, landing on the lodge’s helipad, you will feel like you are on top of the world at Virunga Lodge. Watching the mist clear as a new day begin is quite magical.

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