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A long, narrow ribbon squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific, and stretching from the spectacular desolation of the Atacama desert to the calm beauty of the lakes and the wild drama of Patagonia’s steppes, fjords, glaciers and mountains, Chile is a series of dramatic and startlingly different landscapes. And then, perhaps even more startling is Easter Island – Rapa-Nui – caught in a time-warp five hours’ flight away in the mid-Pacific.

For true outdoor adventure, we work with highly professional local outfitters who can access the most spectacular wilderness and provide the most expert hiking, horseback riding and fishing guides. For greater luxury, we have found the best of the estancias and the chic new lodges that dot both the wine country and more remote areas.

Chile’s airline, which runs a good, regular service up and down the length of the country, means that you can take in all of its huge variety in the same vacation.

All itineraries are individually designed, but as an indication, we can arrange ten days in Chile (not including international flights) from $6800 per person.


As every one of the holidays we create is unique, all of our clients come back with different and interesting stories. We love to hear from our clients on their return to find out about their most memorable moments. We from c+l are also always travelling to our destinations and every trip allows us to refine and add value to our clients' future experiences.


Fishing in La Posada de los Farios

Forget about the niceties of dry fly fishing in Britain. Use the huge Cantaria beetle fly – a ‘fat Albert’ – and you’ll soon be stuck into one of Chile’s monster trout.

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Road Trips and Fishing in Chilean Patagonia

Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell explored the stunning landscapes of Chilean Patagonia by road and tried his hand at trout fishing along the way. Read more to find out if he was lucky enough to catch anything...

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I really need some space

Seasoned travelers, Dr and Mrs John, have experienced many countries with Cazenove + Loyd, each time they want something new and exciting, this time it was no different - they wanted to explore Argentina and Chile and we know exactly where to send them.

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Exploring Chile’s Wine Region by Bike

Rolando Stein was sent on a mission to explore the wine regions of Chile, but he had one condition, to do it all by bicycle. For him this was the perfect way to get back to the country he adores.

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Stepping into nature in Chile

The landscapes of Chile blew Geetika Jain away. She spent 10 days getting to know the lie of the land in places she had only dreamed of visiting.

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Bolivia travel experts

An Experience Not To Be Missed

Leslie Martin and a group of her girlfriends planned a trip to the Chilean Atacama desert and Travesia into Bolivia; they were completely taken aback with the luxury accommodation, the huge array of activities in the desert and the spectacular Travesia into the Bolivian Altiplanos. With their private guide they explored volcanic mountain ranges, hiking through salt pans and then on to Easter Island.

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The Length and Breadth of Chile

One of our clients, Jeff Cohen, enjoyed the trip of a lifetime exploring South America. In Chile, his favorite destination, he traveled from the islands and lakes in Northern Patagonia, to the wine regions surrounding Santiago, to the Atacama Desert in the North.

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Wow, Amazing, Beautiful!

Jenny Wilkinson visited the Atacama Desert, the driest desert on Earth and was mind-blown by its stunning landscapes and surprised by the variety of wildlife abundant in the area.

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Places to Stay

At c+l, we have no vested interest in the hotels and lodges which we select - we review everything and choose the best for a particular client. And because we visit our three regions on a regular basis and have detailed conversations with over 90% of our clients on their return, our choices can be refined continually. The choice of what is best for the client is our only consideration.


Tierra Chiloe

This is the only hotel of any comfort and note to stay at on the island of Chiloe. It is the latest addition to the Tierra all-inclusive luxury adventure collection of hotels. If Chiloe is part of your itinerary, it is important to appreciate that its landscape and nature will only appeal to those who…

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La Posada De Los Farios


Tucked away in Chilean Patagonia overlooking the magnificent Rio Cisnes (Swan River) La Posada de los Farios is undeniably spellbinding. With no more than six guests a week, this sixty year old working cattle ranch is as remote as it is rustic. Apart from a few gauchos, horses, dogs, cattle, and a vociferous early-rising cockerel half a mile away, nobody lives there.

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Awasi Atacama Desert

Awasi is an incredible boutique hotel perfect for those who want an active yet luxurious retreat in the Atacama Desert. Located inside an ancient site, surrounded by a historic wall which for years housed shepherds and herders. The adobe cottages have private patios and outdoor showers, a restaurant serving locally inspired food and a beautiful outdoor pool to relax by.

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Hotel de Larache


This hotel near the small oasis town of San Pedro de Atacama has more the feeling of a relaxed space to absorb the dramatic landscape than making its own design statement. An airy open-plan layout succeeds in merging interior and exterior so your gaze is constantly drawn to the distant volcanoes and stunning sunsets.

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The Singular


The Singular welcomes guests to its elegantly converted factory, with its soaring ceilings, restored brick and industrial features, but yes still cosy and warm. We think it is the perfect launching point for exploring Patagonia and the Torres del Paine National Park in luxury, and in our opinion one of the finest hotels in South America.

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Vina Vik


Vina Vik is a comfortable two hour drive south of Santiago in the Millahue wine district. Owner, Alexander Vik has a line of stylish hotels in Uruguay and this is his first venture in Chile. He is also on a crusade to produce a top Cabernet-based wine, one of the biggest projects undertaken in Chile’s wine region.

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Tierra Patagonia


Three of Chile’s leading architects, Cazu Zegers, Roberto Benavente and Rodrigo Ferrer designed Tierra Patagonia with the intention of maximizing the awe-inspiring views yet minimizing the impact on the land. We think they have achieved their goal. Luxury, adventure and spectacular architecture combine at this eco-friendly hotel with unparalleled views.

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For over 20 years we have been creating the best luxury tailor-made holidays, we know our countries inside and out and really know how to get under the skin of each one and the best way to experience them.

Cabalgatas, Hotel Explora Atacama

Explore the Atacama Desert

Deep desert canyons, salt lakes and high altiplano in the shadow of volcanoes - The Atacama Desert is a Mecca for those who want to explore the extreme. Just north of Chile it borders both Bolivia and Argentina, and is home to some fantastic lodges.

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The Extraordinary and remote Easter Island

Easter Island is arguably the strangest and most remote place on Earth. The Polynesian island famed for its curious Moai statues and strange mixture of history, cult and mythology. It poses as many questions as it answers.

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Trekking in Torres Del Paine

The Torres del Paine National Park is at sea level but the peaks soar to nearly 10,000 feet so you can trek and ride in spectacular scenery with the drama of coast and sea in close proximity.

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Explore Chiloe and the Fjords

South of Puerto Montt lies the island of Chiloe and a coastline dotted with deep fjords. It is the least accessible coastline in Chile, in the bottom quarter of the country. With the lack of roads, the big distances, limited accommodation and the need of a boat means that you have a wild coastline virtually to yourself.

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Fishing in Southern Chile

In between Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas in Southern Chile, this wild country and fresh glacial water make for exciting fishing in a truly magnificent landscape.

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The creation of each individual itinerary starts with a client’s dream. In discussion we translate these initial desires and aspirations into our vision of the best achievable holiday. Our meticulous planning and love of our destinations ensure that we create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We promise you precious and everlasting memories.

South America for the True Adventurer

mountain, reflecting in the lake, laguna verde, bolivia

This itinerary is for the true adventurer who wants to fully experience the vastness of South America’s natural wonders. We have carefully pinpointed pockets of existential beauty in Northern Chile, Boliva and Peru which have impressed our most intrepid of clients and have left a sense of enthrallment and profound memories. For two weeks leave…

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Landscapes of Chile


There are few competitors that rival Chile when it comes to stunning landscapes especially when there are so many ways in which to discover them. From the rusty colored dunes of the Atacama Desert in the North to the snow peaked mountains of Patagonia in the South; this itinerary illustrates the sheer scope and variety…

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We know Chile better than most. The possibilities are endless and ever-changing. On the map below, we have plotted some of our current favourite places to stay, some c+l highlights and a few pertinent client stories. And you can see if there is a team member travelling in that particular country and link through to them and what they are up to, so you can get them to call you on their return.

Best time to visit

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Best time to go

There is somewhere perfect to visit in Chile at any time of year. The South and Center of the country do tend to work best in the months of October through March and the North of the country from April through October. And Easter Island can combine with either North or South.

but tends to match the South in terms of weather patterns though much less harsh. If visiting the South of Chile, it combines well with the South of Argentina and Antarctica and if visiting the North of Chile it combines well with the North West of Argentina or the South of Bolivia or Peru.

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