Inspired Journeys


Inspired Journeys

These escorted tours have all been inspired by people or places that you wouldn’t normally have access to unless you travel as a small group. With each special journey we have been careful to stick to the same level of discovery, exclusivity and under the skin experiences as we do with our tailor-made travel.

Group numbers are kept as small as is practical to maintain an intimate experience but traveling as a group ensures that different and extra special events can be planned - from a spectacular lunch or dinner in an amazing private venue to private access to a museum/collection, from the charter of a boat to the commandeering of a train carriage. Travel as a small group can be just as exclusive as a tailor-made trip and we only plan them when they add even more to the overall experience.

“All the arrangements meshed beautifully and we felt well-cared for and pampered from start to finish. ”
Hazel Shulte, NY USA

Inspired Journeys

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