Both the owners of c+l have their own children and all three teams organize vacations orientated around families of all ages in their particular destinations.

Throughout Central and South America there are great experiences for children, especially those who like to be kept busy on vacation – Costa Rica, Argentina and Peru are particularly good.

In India both Kerala and Rajasthan are great destinations for family vacations. Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal also all work in different ways depending on the age ranges.

As for Africa, Kenya or Tanzania with its mixture of safari and the easily accessible Indian Ocean is hard to beat and, particularly for younger families, there are great options in South Africa and Mauritius.

The skill is in planning in enough but not too much and in selecting lodges and guides who really know how to bring a place to life. As parents we spend many hours worrying about a child’s education in terms of school whilst some of the most educational experiences are out there in the big wide world.



Some of the best safari destinations in the world for families. You can have a very active time as the best small, owner-run lodges,camps and private houses are outside the national parks. You can also access the coast with ease. Good for both the Summer holidays, particularly up country, and for the Christmas/New Year holidays or Spring Break both up country and on the coast.

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Ecuador + The Galapagos

This is a fantastic idea for an adventure holiday which combines the ultimate introduction to wildlife and experiences that children will remember for a lifetime. From canoeing down the Amazon to walking on rope bridges over the tree tops, we can arrange the most exciting exploration of this very special part of South America.

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South Africa

One of our most popular family destinations as it offers very good quality and value. Great for that first-time safari but, with self-drive easy in the Cape and an amazing diversity throughout the country - from battlefields to vineyards to township visits and Robben Island - there really is ‘something for everyone’ year round.

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exclusive Vacations tailor-made to Rajasthan


Surprising for some (as Kerala or Sri Lanka are probably a more popular family destination in the region), but Rajasthan has all of the history, vibrancy and local craft which children and teenagers find really involving. And out in rural Rajasthan you can ride horses or take in the landscape whilst never being far from a welcome swimming pool.

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luxury tailor-made travel to Argentina


You can experience the real Argentina at a traditional family-run estancia in the Pampas, or visit the magnificent Iguazu Falls. It is a perfect location for a family, young and older can ride out like a real cowboy and enjoy freedom in relaxed and welcoming surroundings.

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Beautiful highland tea plantations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

A fascinating country with color and vibrancy, it is an exciting experience for all ages. It combines cultural sightseeing with a beautiful coast and The Maldives is only a short hop away for the best beaches in the world. We can tailor your holiday to suit your family to include elements that keep all ages happy.

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Luxury travel Zambia


Great guides. Private Houses. White water rafting, canoeing, walking and bungee jumping. For a family or group of friends looking for adventure and amazing wildlife in the Summer vacation, look no further for that once in a lifetime African experience.

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exclusive Vacation to oman


Adventure in the rugged interior. Luxury on the beach. Escape from the Winter. A tented camp in the Al Akhdar Mountains is true adventure. Sunset on the dunes a real memory. A luxury hotel on an unspoiled beach a way to unwind.

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