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Even on a busy multi-destination itinerary, there is usually an element of time for rest and relaxation. Usually we plan this at the beginning or the end of a two or three week vacation. But sometimes it is all about r and r and we have numerous treats up our sleeves - on beaches, in the mountains or in the middle of nowhere.

With space for just three ideas it is difficult to choose the best places for a relaxing vacation and, as always the best thing is to give us a call - preferably with an idea of time of year (weather is particularly important if you are thinking of staying in just one or two places). Then someone with in-depth knowledge can guide you to that very special vacation retreat which you are looking for.

Further Recommendations

luxury Caribbean trip Turks and Caicos


Central + South America

With fine white sand, beautiful sunsets and gentle lapping oceans, it's a beach lovers dream. We can find you the perfect beach hideaway, to just sit back, relax and soak up the laid back vibe.

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best time to go to kerela


Asia + The Middle East

On a plantation in the Western Ghats or on a barge or local homestay on the backwaters, Kerala is a great place to relax and watch the world go by. Even in a town like Cochin, the pace is slow and the atmosphere relaxed. Best visited between November and April.

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luxury holidays thailand


Asia + The Middle East

Famed as much now for its stylish hotels and legendary service as for the beaches they look out onto, there are few countries where you can switch off more completely. The beaches of the West coast are best from November through March and the East coast from February to July.

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best time to go to the maldives

the maldives

Asia + The Middle East

Accessed by float-plane, some of the best beach hotels are easier to get to than you think. Great service and complete privacy for those that want it, our Destination Experts know the best hotels as well as anyone. Best visited in January, February and March.

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best time to visit the seyshelles


Africa + Indian Ocean

With some of the best hotels in the world and outstanding service this is a paradise island. From beach breaks for the family, to a luxury honeymoon, the seychelles (with out help) can cater for your every need.

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