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We have taken over whole palaces in Rajasthan for a week long birthday party for 100, with desert dinners and lakeside celebrations by night as well as specialist guides, private access to museums and sightseeing by day.

We have organised a birthday party for 40 in Brazil taking in the Rio Carnival Winners Parade and ending up with a series of private parties in exclusive beach houses in the bay of Angra Dos Reis.

Closer to home, we have organised a number of different parties in Morocco and -surprisingly easy given the time zones - we have set up safari adventures for groups of extended friends and family both in South Africa and in Kenya.

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Asia + The Middle East

Just because of the location/distances which most have to travel, a party in Rajasthan is never going to be an inexpensive option. And it really is not worth it unless you have a bit of time. But if you want to have the ultimate venues and both Bollywood-style and authentic, traditional entertainment, we have organized our most knock-out parties for between forty and a hundred guests.

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Central + South America

Getting all of your guests to Brazil is one hurdle but once they are there, it is one of the most exciting places to plan something spectacular. Action-packed by day and very much full-on by night, the Brazilians know how to lay on a party with energy, originality and panache both in a city like Rio or in a beach destination like Paraty.

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Africa + Indian Ocean

We have organized some lavish parties for a family group of ten to a no expenses spared four day extravaganza (day and night) for fifty guests. If you have the budget, pretty much anything is possible. And with Europe not far away, it is not too far for many guests to travel.

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