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The sort of tourism which we promote is often the only sustainable economy in an area. As such we are proud to be a small part of an important industry for some marginal communities in the developing world. However, we are also aware of the impact of air travel on the environment. We use flights to develop our knowledge and our clients use flights as part of the holidays we plan for them.

Most of our holidays originate in the UK and the UK Government has imposed substantial ‘green taxes’ on air travel (through increased Air Passenger Duty – APD). If these taxes were specifically ear-marked for ‘green’ projects we would support them whole-heartedly, however they are currently more of a general and rather blunt tax-raising initiative than the measured response which is required to tackle a complex issue.   

We believe that it is up to each individual to take responsibility for their own impact on the environment and air travel is one part of that impact.

Everyone has their own view and their own way of offsetting (or not).

If you want a simple way to calculate your carbon footprint take a look at: