Luxury safaris Namibia


It’s a small word, but it’s our philosophy. 

WHY c+l?

Every luxury vacation we create is as individual as the person we create it for. That is because we invest in our knowledge of our destinations and give our people the time to get to know what every client is looking for. Combining our knowledge with our client understanding is how we aim to deliver the best every time.

“c+l are quite simply part and parcel of our most cherished travel memories... somehow they have managed to deliver every time”

20 Years of

We may have been around longer than many luxury tailor-made travel companies but we are still owner-run and our philosophy is the same today as the day we opened our doors- we are about being the best rather than the biggest. We always have been. We always will be.

Knowledge. Honesty. Objectivity. Responsiveness. Passion. We recognize above all that we are only as good as the last trip which we design and execute for someone.

+ Expertise

Our commitment is to use our knowledge to make the places we love as memorable and precious to those who travel with c+l as they are to us. Our knowledge is only as good as the way that we apply it to each and every luxury vacation.

Committed to
Our Destinations

We choose to work with people and in places not just because they are special but also because they are special to us. We want to keep the people and the habitats where they live the way that they should be.

Peace of Mind

Every moment of every day is meticulously planned and we have people on the ground and people in the office who really care. Our Destination Experts and our incomparable contacts in our destinations mean that we can make it happen day in day out. And we do.

Award Winning

We were inaugural winners of Conde Nast Traveller’s ‘Favorite Specialist Tour Operator’ category and we continue to grow by being our clients' ‘favorite’, depending on their client referral for our steady organic growth.