best places to go on vacation in february


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One of our favourite places to go in February is South Africa and likewise Sri Lanka. Real variety and only a flight away.

But, if you are looking for pure beach then it is difficult to beat The Maldives.

And for the biggest party in the world, it is hard to better the incomparable Brazil but we usually advise the Winner’s Parade in Rio rather than Carnival itself.

Let us take you to our favourite places in Brazil
After a month of World Cup fever another gargantuan sporting event beckons. With only two years until the 2016 Olympics, all...
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How about Rio for the carnival? Or a safari in Tanzania? The choice of locations for a vacation in February are endless.

best time to go to belize


Central + South America

Belize has it all; world class diving, pristine beaches and exotic wildlife. This beautiful little country is perfect to escape the winter.  The few top hotels get very busy over the holidays, so February is a great month for total relaxation.

Itineraries from $5100 pp for a ten day itinerary excluding flights

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best time to go to vietnam


Asia + The Middle East

Supreme cuisine, fascinating cities and miles of unspoiled beaches
Spring is the best time to be in Vietnam. Explore the length of this country and experience the surprising variety from North to South.

10 day itineraries from $4500 pp excluding flights

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best time to go to south africa

south africa

Africa + Indian Ocean

Enjoy glorious weather, and a huge choice of different hotels and lodges. South Africa is a perfect honeymoon destination with the ability to combine the beach with a safari in a very romantic setting.

10 day itineraries from $3400 pp excluding flights

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best time to go on safari in tanzania


Africa + Indian Ocean

February is the month with the best opportunities for viewing the migration in the North of the country. It is also a great place to spend a little longer and do something extraordinary. Not only does Tanzania have some luxurious lodges, it also has some  undiscoverd places for you to explore.

10 day itineraries from $6800 pp excluding flights

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best time to go on safari in kenya


Africa + Indian Ocean

Both on the coast and up country, there are some very comfortable private houses. Some are luxurious whilst others have a much more low-key style. The perfect country for a Spring break, with some great safari and beach options.

10 day itineraries from $6800 pp without flights

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what time of year is best to visit rajasthan


Asia + The Middle East

Surprising for some (as Kerala or Sri Lanka are probably a more popular family destination in the region), but Rajasthan has all of the history, vibrancy and local craft which children and teenagers find really involving. And out in rural Rajasthan you can ride horses or take in the landscape whilst never being far from a welcome swimming pool. 

10 day itineraries from $4500 pp excluding flights

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best time to visit the gorillas in rwanda


Africa + Indian Ocean

Rwanda is truly beautiful, with its jungle-smothered volcanoes, its hills and valleys covered in a dense patchwork of banana, maize, sorghum and tea plantations, and its gorgeous lakes and rivers, Rwanda overflows with tropical lushness.

4 day tailor-made trips from $4300 per person

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best time to go on vacation to Uganda


Africa + Indian Ocean

With its amazing topographical contrasts - from open savannah plains to dense rainforest and tall, mist-wreathed mountains – Uganda provides the setting for an incredible African journey and is perfect in February.

7 day vacations from $6300 pp excluding flights

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