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    The Seychelles

    Rocky beach

    White-powder beaches and rich wildlife

    With its mix of low-lying coral islands and dramatic granitic rocks, picture-perfect beaches and warm, crystalline waters, this archipelago of over 100 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean is the ultimate do-nothing tropical paradise. But there’s more to the Seychelles than meets the eye: a myriad of different ecosystems, some of them still completely untamed, provide rich and varied flora, while the wildlife ranges from the rare giant tortoise to hundreds of species of birds.

    Direct flights from South Africa and Kenya mean that the Seychelles is one of the best beach add-ons to a safari holiday. The rich marine life means that for divers and snorkelers, the safari holiday can continue. 

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    Written by Millie Summers, Africa + Indian Ocean Destination Expert
    I have been lucky enough to work at two very different lodges on remote islands off the north coast of Kenya and in the north of Lake Malawi, which makes me all the more curious to go behind the scenes when I visit a new camp in Africa. Knowing how rare and precious the fresh vegetables and meat supplies are in these far-flung spots, it’s always fascinating to see how places cope and keep guests happy.
    Written by Millie Summers, Africa + Indian Ocean Destination Expert
    There are only 11 villas and a team of 130 on this 2sq-km private island paradise. Many of our clients arrive by helicopter but I came by boat from Silhouette Island. Having worked at two African island lodges and seen the challenges that come with operating in remote locations so open to the elements.
    Written by Millie Summers, Africa + Indian Ocean Destination Expert
    Comprising more than a hundred Indian Ocean islands, the Seychelles is a tropical paradise. Here, you will find picture-perfect beaches, crystal-clear waters, rich marine life, myriad bird species and interesting flora and fauna.
    The Seychelles is home to some of the worlds most exquisite creatures. On North Island you can learn about their projects to rehabilitate indigenous species and trees back onto the island such as the takamaka and the legendary coco de mer palm.


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    For those who want a little more from their beach holiday, we suggest combining two or three different islands in the Seychelles so you can discover their individual characteristics and ecosystems. 


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