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    With the magnificent Victoria Falls, large wildlife reserves and great swathes of untamed wilderness, Zimbabwe offers much to inspire the visitor. 

    This magnificent country is opening up again and many of the fantastic guides and owners who sought work elsewhere in the world are returning.

    With a strict 5% pass rate, Zimbabwe has always been renowned for having the best-qualified guides in Africa, which to us is the crucial element of any safari experience. It is wonderful that so many have returned home to walk with visitors in Mana Pools and show them local hides in Hwange National Park.

    Just wait until you see one of our favourite guides communicate with the elephants through a series of clicks and sounds. You will leave knowing you have had one of the most authentic safari experiences possible.

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    Area in Foucs

    At over 5,000 square kilometres, Gonarezhou is the second largest national park in Zimbabwe, but is still largely undiscovered by the outside world. Aptly translating as ‘ Land of the Elephants’, in this remote corner of Zimbabwe, you’ll find some of the largest in the country.


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