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    Vivid colours, swirling crowds, majestic forts and palaces, teeming medieval cities, the heat and dust of the desert and the dreamily romantic lakes – Rajasthan holidays deliver the quintessential Indian experience. For this to be truly magical, however, it must be handled with care. While most visitors tend to race from one city to another, packing in as much as they can, we believe in a different approach.

    We believe in taking Rajasthan at a more leisurely pace, combining the cities with some rural gems that we have discovered and enabling you to get under the skin of this incredible state.

    At these little rural places, there are no grand sights but that is the point; here you will see a Rajasthan that is off the beaten track, its way of life little changed over the centuries. We try to show off each of these places with special experiences that are unique to cazenove+loyd, and the insight of some exceptional private guides.

    Nevertheless, although we believe that properties with character and authentic charm are essential to a genuinely Indian experience, we are not averse to a good dose of luxury – and we combine Rajasthan’s new breed of world-class hotels with just the right mix of more authentic places.

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    The Mehrangarh Fort, with its unique and impressive setting, closes to members of the public and all tourists at 5pm. On my recent visit with cazenove+loyd, we were given exclusive access to the fort, with not another person in sight.
    We were collected from Rawla Narlai and transported by ox cart through the rural village and through the fields out to the stepwell, where we were greeted by a Saddhu performing Rajasthani music.
    Going on safari is one of my favourite experiences. I just can't wait to get out there in search of whatever my expert naturalist can find for me. One summer, I had the great pleasure of staying in Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan at one of our favourite lodges, SUJÁN Sher Bagh, in search of the marvellous Bengal Tiger.
    The term ‘family holiday’ is dizzyingly broad. It does not take into account ages, numbers, interests or needs. All it really gives you is a timings framework, and for a long-haul big bells and whistles trip, it is likely you will be looking to go in summer, with its long stretch of possibilities.

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    The Mehrangarh Fort dominates the skyline of Jodphur and has impressive views over the blue city. We can arrange for a private tour of the fort which includes special rooms that are usually off-limits. 


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