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    A culturally fascinating tropical island getaway

    Sri Lanka is absurdly rich and fertile: its smells are those of fruit, spices, tea and coffee, flowers, perfume, and wonderful cooking. Its colours are the honey-gold of the beaches, the intense, almost luminous green of the plantations, and the purple-blue hills in the distance. Warm, open and relaxed, its culture is a cocktail of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim influences.

    In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of small luxury hotels and gorgeous private villas that we like very much. And while there has been a welcome increase in infrastructure, we can still take you off-the-beaten-track, with specialist nature walks in old tea plantations and wildlife experiences in unspoilt national parks. 

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    Sri Lanka is dominated by its romantic landscapes, undulating mountains, lush forests and cascading waterfalls; a country that exceeds expectation both in terms of beauty and surprise. This is what excited me the most about my recent trip, and spending time in the Tea Country is something I will always recommend.
    We have never been big ‘morning people’. In fact, we are a family of relaxed mornings and leisurely breakfasts whenever possible. When our fantastic driver and guide, Pria, casually mentioned that our next day’s activity would require a 3.30am wake-up, there was certainly a sharp intake of breath from one or two of us! 
    Written by Rachel Nicoll, Head of Product
    The north-central heartlands of Sri Lanka are home to an abundance of historical sites that make up the famous Cultural Triangle. The hot, dry landscape of this region is scattered with timeworn ruins, sacred Buddhist monuments, restored temples and stunning frescoes.
    Written by Rachel Nicoll, Head of Product
    Considered the spiritual heart of Sri Lanka, Kandy is home to the country’s most holy relic, the Buddha’s Tooth. Nestled among hills and forests, the city was once the capital of the ancient kings. Today, it is still made up of an intriguing mishmash of colonial-era and Kandyan architecture.

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    Galle, the biggest city on the southern coast, is renowned for its pretty Old Town, Dutch Fort and nearby beaches. Its location on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka puts it firmly on the trade route between the East and Europe and it is still fantastic for shopping


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