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    Majestic temples, fascinating history and an unspoilt coastline

    Cambodia’s magnificent past and recent troubled history make it a culturally fascinating country to visit. 
    Your holiday in Cambodia will almost certainly take you to the spectacular Angkor. The artistic, architectural and cultural legacy of the Khmer Empire which dominated much of Southeast Asia between the 9th and 13th centuries is epitomised in the ruins of the Angkor area. This truly vast archaeological site enables one to trace each stage of the fascinating history of the Khmer peoples. Our specialists on the ground guide you expertly through the ruins, pointing out historic and cultural details and are able to organise visits to lesser-known ruins hidden further into the jungle.
    Elsewhere, we can help you get under the skin of Cambodia. Explore the bustling streets of capital Phnom Penh with a private guide and see the colourful markets in action. 
    The options in this charming destination are endless. We can arrange a picnic on a deserted island or lunch overlooking the exquisite views of Bokor Mountain, a deserted hill station relic of Cambodia’s 60’s heyday. Cruise the waterways of Tonle Sap, the main artery of life in Cambodia, or follow the Mekong River as it weaves its way to Vietnam. Secret spots on Cambodia's coastline and off-shore island are reminiscent of Thailand 30 years ago and round-off any trip to the country perfectly. 

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    For an in-depth spiritual experience we recommend pairing the temples of Angkor with a few days exploring the temples of sleepy Luang Prabang in Laos. 


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