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    Most first-time visitors to Japan have an abstract idea of this destination, with thoughts of bright neon lights and quiet blossom-filled gardens. You can read endlessly about Japan, watch countless films and documentaries, or immerse yourself in Japanese art and cuisine in preparation, but once you arrive you will still be overwhelmed by the ‘real thing’. This is a country that cannot just be studied, but must be experienced first-hand – one that more than lives up to the hype.
    The two absolute ‘musts’ are the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto and we tend to suggest that if taking in both, that you concentrate on the modern day Japan when in Tokyo and the historic Japan when in Kyoto.
    We also suggest that we plan in a fair amount of time with our English-speaking guides but that we also plan in a few days without guides to absorb, in a less intense way the culture and the vibe of Japan both modern and traditional.
    Once you have seen Tokyo and Kyoto we can plan a journey which works logistically with stays in these two cities but takes in some of rural Japan as well as its important cultural sights. Nara can be a day trip out of Kyoto just as Nikko or Hakone tie in easily with a stay in Tokyo.

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    Having heard from many people that the back-country skiing and off-piste in Japan was some of the best in the world, we knew we needed a Niseko insider to show us around to make the most of it.
    This is a country that cannot just be studied, but must be experienced first-hand - one that more than lives up to the hype.
    In this country of contrasts, great art and striking architecture present themselves in myriad ways. From the soaring towers of lights and steel in Tokyo, to the secluded temples of Kyoto and the contemporary art haven island of Naoshima, Japan is a feast for the eyes.
    It is no overstatement to say that Japan has one of the most richly defined and perfectly preserved cultures in the world. For a slice of the country’s past and present, we can arrange authentic experiences that let clients get to grips with its many cultural identities.

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    Sophie Richard
    Small Group Travel

    Discovering the art and culture of Japan: 18th-28th October 2018

    This October 2018, cazenove+loyd will be leading a small group trip to Japan for just 14 guests, to delve into the enigmatic country's thrilling art and culture. Led by Sophie Richard, author of 'The Art Lover's Guide to Japanese Museums', this specialist journey is a backstage pass to three of Japan's fascinating cities: Tokyo, Kanazawa and Kyoto. With Sophie and her fantastic contacts peeling back the tourist veneer, there will be private access to incredible art collections and dinners at restaurants that are usually invite-only. This is a once-in-a-lifetime journey that will leave guests with a deep understanding of one of the world's most inspiring destinations.

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