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    Intriguing, unspoiled and a thrill for adventurous travellers

    From its vast and dazzling salt lakes to its peaceful savannah wetlands, great swathes of steaming jungle, crimson deserts and volcanoes of the south-west, this is an idiosyncratic and spectacular country, where the way of life has remained the same for centuries.

    In the north lies the characterful capital La Paz, which is crammed with colourful street markets, ringed by soaring peaks and set at an altitude of 3650m. Further south, the blinding-white Uyuni Salt Flats are a must-visit, and we can open up this vast area in a number of inspiring ways. Our fantastic guides know the infinite flats like the back of their hand and will take you to the most remote and dazzling places imaginable, where you can enjoy delicious picnics, while taking in the otherworldly scenery.

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    Written by Sarah Griffiths, Head of Central + South America
    When people imagine Bolivia, their minds are likely to go to the vast, awe-inspiring Uyuni salt flats, the largest in the world. However, Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve, which lies further south, straddling the northern corners of Chile and Argentina, is equally spectacular.
    In comparison to other countries in Latin America, Bolivia is still very underdeveloped and undiscovered. In the past, it may not have been top of the list on a visit to South America – but what it lacked in modern style, it made up for in character and an unwavering traditional identity.
    Chloe Regan gives us an insight into her unforgettable honeymoon with cazenove+loyd in South America, during which she travelled around Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay with her husband, Archie. Here, she shares her travel guide to Bolivia.
    I did not know what to expect when I signed up for my trip to the Chilean Atacama Desert and travesia into Bolivia. Of course, I knew where we were going (kind of) and thought I knew what we were doing but upon arrival I was completely blown away.

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    Bolivia’s limited infrastructure means that it works best to combine a visit there with some time in either Peru or Chile, although each new year brings exciting new openings and developments.


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