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    Pulsating with energy, optimism and a sense of fun, Brazil’s exoticism is powerfully seductive. Its huge size gives it the variety of a continent, rather than a country: from the stunning colonial architecture of Minas Gerais and Bahia to the cities that ring with music and dance, such as Rio and Salvador. The wide-open beaches of the north-east contrast with the peaceful bays and fishing villages near Rio; and the wonders of the Amazon Basin contrast with the remote beauty of the Pantanal. There are world-class hotels in Rio and Sao Paulo and stylish private beach houses in Angra, Paraty and Bahia; simple pousadas in the interior and authentic, working fazendas in the Chapada Diamantina. We tend to work with the smaller and most character-filled properties that best reflect the mood and style of their surroundings.

    In the Amazon, we favour smaller camps, in order to gain access to primary forest – and for small groups, we can charter private river boats, which can explore incredible virgin beaches. Brazil’s size and variety make it difficult to get right without insider knowledge and our Destination Experts will guide you as to how much is manageable and exactly what to expect from the extraordinary variety of choices.

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    How to spend 24 hours in Manaus
    mazonas is the largest state in Brazil, and its capital Manaus – on the banks of the Negro River in north-western Brazil – is of huge importance to the region. The city is also a major departure point
    72 Hours in Rio
    s soon as I arrived in the cidade maravilhosa (meaning ‘marvellous city’), it welcomed me with a warm 30°C, which was lovely after the chilly 9°C that I had left behind in London. 
    Fernando de Noronha: a paradise archipelago in Brazil
    woke up very early in Recife, a city on the coast of north-eastern Brazil. The sun was shining, which was a good sign, indicating that the adventure that I had always dreamed of was becoming a realit
    Brazil's best beach destinations
    razil is a captivating and diverse country, but one of its main attractions is its breathtaking coastline  – all 7,491km of it. From Rio de Janeiro’s iconic oceanfront to the wild shores of Flori

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    Every area of Brazil offers something truly breathtaking, but no one can do everything in one trip and we advise to not to try and cover too much.


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