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    The most popular area of Uruguay to visit is in and around the coastal city of Punta del Este, which for many South Americans is their version of St Tropez. This region comes alive with the great and the good from all over the world to bask on the beaches, attend glamorous parties and stay in some of Uruguay’s finest hotels.

    Elsewhere, the vibe is more understated but equally as engaging. Kick back in the sleepy town of Carmelo, perhaps, near the pretty, colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento. Or venture further afield on one of our private rides: staying in estancias and, escorted by gauchos, ride criollo horses through dunes, grasslands and along deserted Atlantic beaches. You can enjoy incredible wine, delectable steaks that rival Argentina’s, beautiful golden rugged beaches, lush wetlands and stunning traditional estancias.

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    The sleepy town of Jose Ignacio is only 30 minutes from Punta del Este, but far removed from the glitz. With its chilled-out feel and friendly seafood restaurants, it is one of our favourite spots for a beach escape.


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