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    Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul, South Korea

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    The main allure for most people who are travelling to South Korea is Seoul, one of the continent’s most exciting cities. With magnificent palaces, temples and shrines alongside contemporary skyscrapers, the South Korean capital is an incredible mix of old and new – of tradition and modernity. The vibrant city’s rich history spans as far back as 18BC when it was known as Wiryeseong, and its colourful past includes many regime changes, conflicts, prosperity, liberation and dynastic rule. From technology, pop culture and fashion to music, arts and food, the culture here is unique and fascinating.

    We know the best places to stay, the most knowledgeable private guides and the top restaurants, and can arrange some very special experiences that enable you to discover hidden gems and engage with the local people and daily life. From having lunch with a family in Bukchon Hanok Village to visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace after closing time, we can design an extraordinary itinerary here for you.

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    Seoul is one of the most exciting cities in Asia. Our Asia + the Middle East expert, Venetia Stanley, discovers the highlights of the South Korean capital.
    The demilitarised zone, or the DMZ, on the border between North and South Korea is well worth visiting on a day trip from Seoul, the South Korean capital, says our destination expert Venetia Stanley.

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    Given Seoul’s location, it is easy to combine this exciting destination with any of our other favourite spots in Asia. However, it works particularly well together with Mongolia, Japan, Thailand or China. 

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