We Only Choose What is Right For You

    We have no vested interest in where we send you or which hotels, lodges or boats you choose. We only want what is best for you. As a small company, we believe that the most effective way of having a positive impact is to work with individuals who share our values. In that respect, we tend to prefer locally owned, small-scale lodges and hotels that reflect the personality of a place.

    Antarctic Igloo

    For each and every one of the places at which you arranged for us to stay, please accept my unreserved congratulations and hearty thanks. Each one of them was extraordinary in its own particular and memorable way.”


    With cazenove+loyd, Every Moment Matters

    We ensure that our clients get the most out of their time away. Holiday days are precious and we are meticulous about getting every minute right. 

    From sunrise to sunset, your expert is on hand to make sure that each day is nothing short of incredible. This means seeing a dramatic river crossing in Tanzania from exactly the right vantage point without any other vehicles around. It means sitting on the right side of the plane for the best views over the Himalayas. It means securing reservations at Tokyo’s most exclusive restaurants. It means that a favourite drink is available throughout a mobile expedition in Botswana, even in the most remote areas. It means never having to compromise. 

    They were polite but firm about what was appropriate and how long we should stay at each destination and, of course, they were spot on. Never too long or short".

    Koh Rong Beach Picnic

    There are boundless possibilities

    Your Destination Expert will develop a nuanced understanding of exactly what you want, and create a tailored itinerary with those special touches included, ensuring every second is spectacular. Don’t be afraid to ask, as truly, anything is possible with cazenove+loyd.

    Moroccan Eagle Hunter

    “We have organised a surprise proposal in Namibia and even tracked down a yellow Cessna plane that a client flew in over 20 years ago to pick her up in Botswana – with the same pilot.”


    You will be guided by knowledge

    In all of the regions in which we work, securing the most inspiring guides is our highest priority. These are the people who will introduce our clients to the country, the ones who allow them to see the real soul of the place they are visiting. These specialists in their field guide for us on special request and are able to create out-of-the-box experiences just for them. 

    man on boat in tropical island
    Meerkat on young travellers head

    It’s all about flipping the script

    It is natural that clients want to visit the well-known ‘highlights’ of our destinations – and rightly so. We spend time ensuring they see these wonders of the world in a new way, away from the crowds. We can arrange cycling to the lesser-known temples of Angkor or a private sunrise breakfast on a quiet, grassy bank overlooking the Taj Mahal. 


    Desert Dunes

    "Delhi sightseeing was excellent. The guide, Bahrat was faultless and very charming. I also really enjoyed the cycle ride through Old Delhi - that struck me as really original and an opportunity to see the most authentic part of the city in a non-tourist


    Our private access + personal connections

    It is often who you know, not what you know – and due to the special friendships we have built up over the years, we have unprecedented access to some truly inspiring people and places. We have exclusive entry to private properties and extraordinary experiences that money alone can’t buy, and can open doors that others simply cannot.

    "cazenove+loyd has unique personal connections which means every journey has a unique aspect."

    Great Wall of China Private Access Lunch



    We tailor a client’s journey so that it is full of things that they are passionate about. Whether you have a particular interest in food, history, politics, wildlife, art or music, we can create a trip that explores your greatest loves in a thoughtful and enlightening way.

    "It has taken us a few days to come down to earth, as it were, from our trip of a lifetime in another world. It did indeed seem like another world in Machu Picchu, the Amazon rainforest, the Andes, Galapagos and places in between."


    The importance of philanthropy

    We work in some of the most ecologically and culturally sensitive parts of the world, so are always conscious of operating in a way which has a positive impact on both the environment and the people.

    Tourism is our livelihood and the livelihood of those we work with in our regions. Therefore, it is our responsibility to promote sustainable development in tourism. As a small company, we believe that the best way to have a positive impact is to work with individuals who share our values. Similar to the locally owned, small-scale lodges and hotels which we tend to favour for our clients, we also seek out charities that affect tangible change through small, local projects.



    By travelling with us, we will make a contribution on your behalf to one of the following charities: All About the Light Foundation in Africa, AboutAsia Travel & Schools in Cambodia, the Alalay Foundation in Bolivia and Scott Polar Research Institute in the Polar Regions.

    If clients are interested, we are keen to get them involved in local conservation efforts. Whether it be whale counting in Antarctica or rhino relocation in Kenya, you will leave knowing your actions have made a difference. 

    Men sitting on the floor in India

    Meaningful travel is possible

    At cazenove+loyd, we can help you trace your ancestors and connect with your family’s past. We are perfectly placed to delve into a family’s heritage and can access records and illuminating documents that open up a history that may have been forgotten.

    Recently, we helped a family retrace their grandfather’s footsteps in Nepal, where he had served in the 9th Gurkha Rifles. We arranged a surprise family dinner with members of his old regiment, who brought photos of him with them. 

    Nepal Mountains

    Sossusvlei Desert Luxury Picnic

    Our random acts of expertise

    A cazenove+loyd holiday creates precious memories beyond expectations. We are tireless in our pursuit of the best. Therefore, the trips we design always include thoughtful touches – sometimes a surprise, sometimes not – that cater to the clients’ interests and likes. This added value can only be crafted by our experts due to the special relationship they build with them. They are not dictated by cost but priceless acts that enhance a trip and convey to the client that we have understood them.
    Once, for example, we arranged for Father Christmas to visit a young family concerned they would be forgotten at a chimneyless tented camp in India. We also surprised an artistic client with watercolour paints and an easel planted in particularly stunning points in the desert in Wadi Rum, so that she could paint throughout her journey. 

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