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    Why now is the time to go to Nicaragua


    Having firmly shaken off its previous incarnation as a backpacker’s paradise, Nicaragua is now one of Central America’s most exciting luxury destinations. The country is scattered with pretty beaches, colonial towns and retains wonderfully unspoilt corners. Here, Sarah Griffiths, head of our Latin America Division, who recently returned from a trip to Nicaragua gives her insights on our thrilling new destination. 

    "I fell completely head over heels in love with Nicaragua in such a way that I actually haven’t quite anywhere else in Latin America. It has equally awesome contrasting beaches on either coast, with the perfect mixture of white sands and clear turquoise seas on the Caribbean side and rugged, rocky coastal beauty on the Pacific side. 

    The middle of the country is a combination of active volcanoes, jungle, lakes and lagoons and safe, colourful and charming towns and villages full of history and culture. The friendly, happy and genuinely welcoming people were consistent everywhere I visited. 




    There is still a limited amount of choice in terms of luxury hotels, but the well-located few that are there are mainly intimate, boutique properties with buckets of character and great, relaxed service. Calala Island, a private, four-room island complete with an extensive staff including a Michelin trained chef and top-level butler, was perhaps the closest thing to paradise I have ever experienced.

    Calala Island

    calala Island

    Jicaro Eco Lodge on an island in Lake Nicaragua is a secluded oasis of guilt-free relaxation and quiet -  the only sounds you will hear are from the resident howler monkeys and blue jays. With only nine casitas, you couldn’t feel closer to nature. 

    Jicaro Nicaragua

    Jicaro Nicaragua

    Meanwhile,Tribal is ultimate in small-town chic – a super fashionable seven room base from which to wander the safe and colourful streets of the colonial city Granada. Morgan’s Rock on the Pacific Coast is spacious, cool and comfortable and can be found on a steep forested hillside with a view over, and a short walk from, the most beautiful cliff-edged bay. Nekupe is a middle-of-nowhere boutique resort in 1580 acres of natural reserve from which to enjoy incredible views, lots of activities and poolside relaxation in Nicaragua’s gorgeous climate.

    I am so excited to create one-of-a-kind holidays in Nicaragua and introduce clients to one of Latin America’s exciting countries."

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