8 snapshots of Bhutanese life we would encourage any visitor to experience

    Written by Penny Buckley

    Here are eight snapshots of Bhutanese life we would encourage any visitor to experience.

    Enjoy Lunch with a Bhutanese family

    We can arrange a special lunch with a local family in the Paro Valley. You will enjoy the most authentic of Bhutanese meals, at an idyllic farmhouse that is located in a rural village. By the time you arrive at their house, the family will have spent the morning preparing a range of local dishes, such as chillies and cheese and other Paro Valley’s delicacies for you to try along with a taste of their home made local wine, Ara. Learn more about life in rural Bhutan through the incredibly warm family you are sharing lunch with. 

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    Play archery 

    Archery – Bhutan’s national sport is played widely throughout the country. Two targets about 150 metres apart are placed at each side of the field, and either traditional bamboo or high tech compound bows are used to play this very exciting game. We can arrange for you to play with a have a set of traditional bows arrows at a more manageable shorter distance.

    8 Extraordinary Reasons to Visit Bhutan

    Learn about Gross National Happiness

    Bhutan talks more about Gross National Happiness (GNH) than Gross National Product. Gross National Happiness is considered to be the measurement of performance for the wellbeing of all Bhutanese. This concept was introduced by the fourth Druk Gyalpo, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, in the early 1980s and has been considered revolutionary by the global leaders around the world. We can arrange for a private lecture with an expert on the subject.

    8 Extraordinary Reasons to Visit Bhutan

    Experience life on a farm

    To get real insight into how farming is done without machines and modern technology, get an early start and visit one of the local farmhouses in the valley. First, you will be given the opportunity to take part in milking the family’s cows. Back in the farmhouse, you will get to see and participate in butter churning and local cheese processing. You will also get the chance to taste the freshly made dairy products. Finish the morning with a well-earned traditional Bhutanese breakfast. 

    8 Extraordinary Reasons to Visit Bhutan

    8 Extraordinary Reasons to Visit Bhutan

    Join the locals in a karaoke bar

    The Bhutanese often meet in town to share a few beers or some shots of local whiskey and are always excited when foreigners, come to join the nightlife. If you want to try out your singing and dancing skills, you can make a song request, enter the stage, and sing along to a song of your choice together with the locals. Remember to carry some change so you don’t miss out on the local drinks and snacks!

    Experience a Bhutanese name giving ceremony 

    Come to Bhutan and leave with a new Bhutanese name. We can arrange a small ceremony followed by name giving, all you have to do is provide the date of birth. After the local lama receives this he will perform a Buddhist name calculation and present you a name. Then he will explain the meaning of your name. With the new name and blessings, you will light the butter lamps for wellbeing. This blessing will take place in the private alter room of the monastery. Monks will serve you some milk tea with Bhutanese snacks. 

    8 Extraordinary Reasons to Visit Bhutan

    Learn how to make a Bhutanese delicacy

    Bhutanese biscuits are called khabzey and come in many different colours and patterns. Sometimes they are shaped like flowers, hearts, knots or the Bhutanese eight lucky signs. Making beautiful and tasty khabzey is an art and if you would like to learn how to master the art of making the biscuits in authentic surroundings we can arrange for a lesson in a local farmhouse.

    Try an evening chanting experience

    Join a small and friendly community of nuns for the evening, who reside in a nunnery perched on a ridge amid pine trees overlooking some of the most picturesque valleys in Bhutan. Sit and chant religious mantras seated in the midst of the roaring drums & blaring trumpets and you’ll be sure to find your spiritual centre.

    8 Extraordinary Reasons to Visit Bhutan

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