I have just returned from...
    Lord Howe Island Australia with cazenove+loyd

    Australia’s sheer diversity is simply extraordinary, and my recent adventures took me from unearthing Melbourne’s electric creative energy and hiking in Tasmania’s wild and rugged natural landscapes to admiring the endless horizons in Queensland’s outback and snorkelling in the iconic Great Barrier Reef. My highlight, however, will always be discovering one of Australia’s lesser-known gems, World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea. I am longing to return to explore the remote Kimberleys and swim with whale sharks in Ningaloo in north-western Australia.

    My next destination is...
    Moyo Island Indonesia with cazenove+loyd

    I am very excited about returning to Indonesia to rediscover some of our favourite spots in Java and Bali. I will also be venturing to Moyo Island, off the north coast of Sumbawa and known for its turquoise waters, pristine reef and tropical forests. My focus on this trip will be to meet new contacts and guides, and to develop our portfolio of exclusive experiences.

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