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    Enigmatic, unspoilt, exotic and timeless: this Buddhist mountain kingdom is truly magical and it delivers an experience like nowhere else on earth.

    The classic view of Bhutan is of its important dzongs and their spectacular mountain backdrops, but over the years we have worked to develop something different, exclusive and very special for those who want to do more than scratch the surface. Imagine spending a night at a monastery and waking up to join the monks in morning prayer and meditation, surrounded by brightly coloured flowers.

    As well as the five-star splendour of Bhutan’s newer hotels, there are also some charming local-run lodges and you can use these as good bases from which to explore the main valleys and further afield. Trekking here is also becoming more sophisticated, allowing you to experience Bhutan’s pristine mountain wilderness in great comfort.

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    In the east of the country, we can arrange a special night staying with a local family. Perfect for anyone with a yearning for the spiritual or authentic who is happy to trade a few degrees of comfort for a truly memorable experience

    Travel Insight + Experiences from cazenove+loyd


    Here are eight snapshots of Bhutanese life we would encourage any visitor to experience. Enjoy Lunch with a Bhutanese family We can arrange a special lunch with a local family in the Paro Valley
    One of the most special encounters I’ve experienced in Bhutan was the afternoon I spent with a Head Lama. My journey to meet him took me on an ascending drive from Bhutan’s Capital, Thimpu to the D
    Penny Buckley finds a home away from home at Uma Paro in Bhutan Uma Paro sits nestled in Paro’s dense forest and yet, is just a short drive from the airport. As I experienced on a recent trip to Bh
    Lying in the Eastern Himalayas with Tibet to the north and the Indian states of Assam and West Bengal to the south, Bhutan is both geographically and culturally extraordinary. Incredibly, Bhutan cover
    Penny Buckley finds relaxation and adventure in equal measure in Bhutan’s central valleys. The Punakha Valley sits at 1,200 metres - it is the lowest of the five central valleys of Bhutan. Located
    The Haa Valley is one of the best lesser known valleys in Bhutan to visit, having only opened to tourism in 2002. It is hidden above Paro and the development of hotels has been banned for now in an ef
    To the Bhutanese people, Phobjikha Valley (Gangtey) is both spiritual and mystical, and unique in Bhutan due to its abundance of flora and fauna. When our clients visit Bhutan, a few nights spent in G
    Written by CHRISTA AND ROBERT MCDERMOTT Shortly after we crossed the covered bridge below the beautiful Paro Dzong, we came upon a group of men engrossed in an impromptu archery tournament, Bhutan’
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