One of the world’s most diverse and fascinating destinations, great travel to India deserves time and care

    The choice of destinations in India is awe-inspiring and entices visitors back again and again. From the magnificent architecture and palaces of Rajasthan to the sleepy backwaters of the south, game parks, mountain ranges and palm-fringed beaches ensure that India remains a favourite destination for even the most seasoned travellers.

    For the first-time visitor we suggest you arrive in Delhi and from there travel to the surrounding regions, but make sure that you take the time to discover this fabulous city - too often it is overlooked and some of its treasures and history are left unexplored. From Delhi your choices are endless. The mystical Himalayas are only a short flight away and the majestic forts of Rajasthan within reach. The central and southern regions offer the chance to get truly off the grid. Explore the painted temples of Tamil Nadu and the jungle-clad hill country of Karnataka or alternatively discover the little-known coastal state of Orissa and the tribal areas of Chattisgarh.

    Whatever type of adventure you want to have in India, our Destination Experts can design something totally extraordinary, which exceeds all expectations.

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    Every year new domestic flights mean travelling around India has never been easier. With that said, our tailor-made holidays in India tend to eschew the temptation to race from one city to the next, instead taking things at a slower pace and focusing on little-known jewels that allow you to really understand this thrilling country.

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