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    Guatemala is a place of fantasy: ancient cities lost in the jungle, towering smoke-ringed volcanoes, teeming Indian markets, vibrant colour, uncharted rainforests, amazing cultural richness and deep indigenous tradition.

    Quite simply it is Central America in its most concentrated form. We often recommend starting in the pretty colonial city of Antigua, exploring the cobblestone streets and local markets with our hand-picked guide, before travelling to stunning Lake Atitlán to stay in one our favourite lodges on the water’s edge. For adventurers, we can arrange a whole host of experiences, from kayaking to zip-lining and hikes in the surrounding valleys, but if you prefer a slower pace, simply relaxing and watching life on the lake can be equally rewarding.

    Further north in Tikal, we can arrange a night spent camping in the impressive ruins of Uaxactun, which date back further than any other Mayan city. At dusk, you’ll climb a lookout tower for sunset drinks, followed by night-time jungle exploration, before retiring to bed where you’ll be soothed to sleep by all the sounds of the jungle.

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    Written by Laura Birtles, Executive Editor
    Home to ancient Mayan cities, rainforests, labyrinthine caves, lakes, smouldering volcanoes and a glorious Caribbean coastline, these enchanting Central American countries are the perfect destination
    Written by Milly Warr, Destination Expert
    Arriving into Uaxactún, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was told it was one of the longest-occupied Mayan cities, but having already visited Tikal, Guatemala's best-known Mayan site and a UNESC
    Written by Miranda Challen, Head of Marketing
    We had spent the previous day exploring the wonders of Tikal with our guide. Without us noticing, he cleverly steered us away from other visitors so that we could view this ancient Mayan city from dif
    Written by Miranda Challen, Head of Marketing
    We left Antigua, a charming colonial city in southern Guatemala, early to begin our journey to Lake Atitlán.  While most travel by car, we chose the slightly more adventurous option and de

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    Guatemala and Belize work extremely well when combined. Together, these two countries are a real microcosm of Latin America, forming a fantastic and easy-to-navigate introduction to the region.


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