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    With its otherworldly landscapes, inspiring wildlife and astonishing colours and sounds, nothing quite compares to Antarctica. It presents the chance for true adventurers to follow in the footsteps of revered explorers such as Scott and Shackleton and exposes travellers to a completely new land. The jaw-dropping scenery creates a heady mix of feeling privileged for being one of the few there, but also wholly insignificant among the endless icy plains. With visits limited to the Southern Hemisphere’s summer months (from November to early March), the continent of snow and ice remains little-travelled and relatively untouched, but it may not always be so. If you are looking to take this awe-inspiring trip, now is the time.

    We work with a good selection of expedition vessels – from smaller ships to icebreakers – which offer a range of adventure and comfort. Choosing when, where and how is the challenge, which is where our experts come in. 

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    There are now many different ways to reach Antarctica and we can create bespoke trips that explore the very best of Chile, Argentina, or both, while travelling down towards the great White Continent. New direct flights from Punta Arenas in Chile mean that those with less time can skip the crossing of the Drake Passage, although those with a little longer will enjoy the whale viewing opportunities on this voyage.

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