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    White sand beaches, crystal clear water and penguins to keep you company

    Windswept, barren and populated primarily by sheep and penguins, the diversity of the 740 islands that make up this archipelago may surprise you. If you arrive by ship, then your first wildlife experience will likely be the black-browed albatross and rockhopper penguin colonies of West Point Island. Each species gathers in its thousands on the steep cliffs, above dolphins swimming in the bay and ground nesting birds living happily alongside giant elephant seals. It’s a different world in the capital, Stanley, where you can walk along Thatcher Drive and explore the wonderfully eclectic museum.

    If you’ve chosen to fly from either Chile or Brize Norton, then the RAF base at Mount Pleasant will be your introduction to the islands – don’t let the 1950s time warp put you off. Independent travellers can island hop with relative ease thanks to the Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS). You can explore the freshwater lagoons and four-mile white sand beach of Pebble Island, go fly fishing from Port Howard, hike from Darwin to Goose Green, visit the cemetery at San Carlos, admire king penguins at Volunteer Point and be woken by gentoo penguins on Sea Lion Island. 

    It might not be the most glamorous destination, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding. 

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    Area in Focus

    Pebble Island

    An island of two halves: one side features freshwater lagoons and a two-mile-long deserted sandy beach, while the other is made up of more mountainous terrain that attracts penguins and albatross. Pebble Island is also the site of the only SAS raid to take place during the conflict.

    Falkland Islands key Features


    Five species of penguin nest in these islands: Magellanic, king, gentoo, rockhopper and macaronis. King penguins remain all year round while the others arrive in late October and leave by mid-March. 


    Forty years later, evidence of the 1982 Falklands conflict remains in various guises, from cemeteries, memorials and wreckage to the captivating stories told by those who were there.


    While Stanley is home to the vast majority, a few people live in ‘camp’ (everywhere else). Some islands are home to only two or three people, meaning that visitors are likely to be outnumbered by penguins.

    Stories from the Falkland Islands

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